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Kim Kardashian to fulfill the dream of millions: it is making money out of thin air! What is the secret of its phenomenon, says «».

Who is Kim Kardashian? What she had done this, the whole world is talking about it? No high-profile film roles or platinum albums with her there. However, on the covers of prestigious magazines this person appears almost most of Angelina Jolie. So who is she, that Kim? And what should be done to achieve the same as the main Kardashian?
In honor of the birthday of Kim Kardashian, who on October 21 marks the 35th anniversary, we have made a successful career ten points tested by itself. So, first of all you need …

1. To be born in the right family


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim was born in Los Angeles in a family of very successful lawyer Robert Kardashian. The family grew four heirs: Kim, her sister Chloe and Courtney, and brother Rob. Kim grew up in Beverly Hills, surrounded by successful musicians, actors and businessmen. The girl went to a prestigious school.

When Kim was nine, her parents divorced. His father soon remarried, and my mother did not grieved alone – Kris married Olympic champion, athlete Bruce Jenner. After some time, she bore him two more daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

2. Be prepared to turn his life into a show


n 2007, it kicked off the reality show "Kardashian family", which still look all over the world.

In 2007, it kicked off the reality show “Kardashian family”, which still look all over the world.