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The RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction, which will be held on August 18-19, will present an opportunity to take possession of one of the rarest Ferrari ever created – 1950 Ferrari 166 MM / 212 Export “Uovo” from Fontana

In the early history of Ferrari, in the late 40’s and early 50’s, four of Marzotto’s brothers (Vittorio, Giannino, Paolo and Umberto) were among the most important customers who were the most talented racers who used the textile condition of the family to achieve racing success. This unusual Ferrari, Uovo (“egg” in Italian), was created after the accident in Mille Miglia, when the Marzotto brothers wanted to improve overall performance and aerodynamics with a streamlined body, which led to the design of this particular model.

Visually, Uovo is amazing. The car was clearly designed to compete, so it was designed with lightweight and aerodynamics in mind. The unique alloy Duralumin meant that the car was about 330 lbs lighter than similar Ferrari models.

In the end, Ferrari Uovo got into the garage of its current owner in about 1987, before returning to his native Italy, exhibited at the anniversary celebrations of Ferrari and used for prestigious events around the world. It is expected that Uovo will bring $ 5 million even before the hammer falls on the auction.

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