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LuxeFair Magazine founded in 2013 and with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California, LuxeFair.com provides affluent consumers worldwide with engaging content ranging from luxury lifestyle to fashion and travel.  LuxeFair.com bring you all-original content and has a team of in-house writers, as well as an expansive network of contributors from around the world who are considered experts within the luxury market. Interviews with celebrities and legendary people, coverage of celebrity and charity events, reviews and more.


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Executive Editor
Denis Goose combines his passion for luxury with his love for writing as the Executive Editor for LuxeFair. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Denis travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having spent most of his life in New Yerk, Denis joined the LuxeFair team in 2015 and has written reviews on not only destinations and properties, but also products, fashion, services and the luxe lifestyle as his works to continuously further his scope of the luxury world. In his role as Executive Editor, Denis directs and collaborates with the LuxeFair Editorial Team who report from around the globe to ensure readers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise while visiting LuxeFair.com.
Tech Nerd
Samantha is a TV host and human resources. She offers career, fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice while taking a humorous look at real workplace issues and commentary on pop culture and entertainment. Has a diverse international background in the field of media and technology. She is the go-to reporter for smart and stylish coverage-from red carpet events to one on one exclusive.
Design Addict
Sophia has a diverse international background in the field of media and technology. I am the go-to reporter for smart and stylish coverage-from red carpet events to one on one exclusive. As a writer I utilize a skill set developed over years of training through bachelor’s degrees in business administration and Biblical studies and experience as a blog publisher, editor, and editorialist. Through the 5 years of dedicated work as a writer I have acquired a vast knowledge and expertise working on writing projects that will enable me to fulfill assignments requested.