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Nicolas Cage

Actors Who Ruined Careers With One Role!

In cinematography, rising stars often have a situation where they failed in one film, and this ruined their career. This may be due to an inappropriate role for them, since at the beginning of the journey, the...
The Whole Truth About Reality Show

The Whole Truth About Reality Show!

The next show appeared on television screens in 2002. The main character is looking for his love in plain sight, choosing from many applicants. The show was called The Bachelor. But in reality, a happy ending w...
Victoria and David Beckham

5 most stylish celebrities couples

Fashionable and  in love - these are the stars of our selection! When the phrase “pair style” is used, many people imagine the same T-shirts like those on which are written “I am with her”, “He is with me”. We...
Lady Gaga

What do we know about the former men Lady Gaga

The shocking singer had at least three novels, each of which almost grew into a marriage. Why that relationship didn't work out. Perhaps the first truly serious relationship singer started when she was 20 year...
madonna guy ritchie canne

Celebrities who paid dearly for divorces

Harrison Ford in 2001 gave his second wife $ 80 million in divorce, and Ewan McGregor followed in his footsteps - he recently lost half of his fortune due to a break with his wife. Here are some celebrities who get divorced dearly. 1Ewan McGregor. In J...

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