6 new ways to wear waves and curls

These new trends pose a bit of a deadlock: Hollywood stars wash dust from forgotten retro images, are bought with the most simple hairpins and twist solely the tips of the hair.

In the style of grunge

 6 new ways to wear waves and curls
Selena Gomez

Hybrid between “wet hair effect” and “surfer girl” with natural waves. A grunge – because this is negligence and in some cases even the illusion of unwashed hair (to avoid it, do not overdo it with varnish). The main thing is to make a clear texture – no intricate stories with hair.

Focus on tips

Emily Blunt and Kaia Gerber 6 new ways to wear waves and curls 1
Emily Blunt and Kaia Gerber

And we have been tortured all our lives, curling each strand from the roots. And now it is enough to wind only the ends, and the length to leave smooth. You can do this, for example, using steam curlers. By the way, this laying is not forbidden, if you do not have the longest hair in the world. Learn from the actress Emily Blunt – lacquer, she spent much more, but the thought is the same – the emphasis on the tips.

New Disco

Hailee Steinfeld 6 new ways to wear waves and curls 2
Hailee Steinfeld

Retroepidemia was also transferred to the curls: elastic rings in the style of the disco era again reminded of themselves. Perhaps the main difference from the past is the softness and a larger form of curls today. In addition, it is not necessary to become a lamb from the very top: leave the roots their natural smooth texture.

Again the “Great Gatsby”

Zendaya 6 new ways to wear waves and curls 3

In Hollywood, the passion for the so-called finger waves, popular in the 20s and 30s of the last century (they were once told about the movie “The Great Gatsby”) will not fade away. Now the story that it is not necessary to cut hair severely to create the appearance of short hair – remove all the excess in a bun. And create the waves with the help of clamps (fasten the strands in the shape of the letter S) and do not feel sorry for the varnish.

Slightly noticeable waves

Kendall Jenner 6 new ways to wear waves and curls 4
Kendall Jenner

Yes, and this is also a wave. But you do not have to spend hours on creating the stack: you can take strands wider and add volume with confident finger movements. But if you think about it, for the sake of such laying without laying some celebrities are ready to fork out and attract famous hair stylists.

Hairclips for all to see

Katherine Langford 6 new ways to wear waves and curls 5
Katherine Langford

If you were thinking how to hide all the numerous pegs when stacking, now you can just purchase accessories that everyone wants to show. However, the stars are not ashamed to demonstrate in the designs on the head and the most common invisible – oddly enough, in Hollywood and this is now a trend.

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