Celebrities who hate their Fame

These celebrities got a lot from journalists or fans, so life under the cameras sights for them is a real torture.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrities who hate their Fame

It’s one thing when it’s time to get a constant girlfriend and fill the entire house with children, relatives say, and another – when the whole world says it. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio often changes the girls, but certainly he does not want to discuss this with anyone. Most of all Leo lament that in the olden days this was not, in the same 90’s the paparazzi did not hunt their victims as they do now.

“When the glory fell on me after the Titanic, I did not know what it was. I did not have a book with rules. Nobody helped me to cope with the fact that I was constantly watched, and no one taught me how to be normal in such a situation. But if you do not be careful, it will all develop into general hysteria. “


Did you notice that between releases of the albums Adele usually goes to the bottom and almost does not shine at the events and does not give an interview? And this, of course, is not a coincidence, and the artist’s unwillingness to become a talked person again. The singer always said that the main thing for her is to sing and create music, and fame is already a side effect.

Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp Celebrities who hate their Fame 1

Johnny Depp is in full view since the late 80’s, when he was shooting in the popular youth series “21 Jump Street”. Since that time, the paparazzi watched him 24/7. For example, from the fresh news – his trial with the company TMG, which was responsible for his finances. The actor accused her employees that they blew all his money. In response, offended managers handed over classified files to journalists, and now we know all about the latest acquisitions of the artist. So, Depp has a personal island in the Bahamas, a separate storehouse for souvenirs and even a sofa from the show of the Kardashian family (this can at least be justified by what he gave to his daughter). It’s unlikely that Johnny wanted the whole world to know about this.

“You live like a fugitive. Everything should be planned. To get yourself into the hotel to get you out of there, take you to a restaurant to get you out of there. But I’m not a crybaby and I’m not complaining, I know that I was lucky with a career. “

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Celebrities who hate their Fame 3

The ubiquitous paparazzi can be blamed for destroying the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Yes, of course, this Kristen sinned with the director of the painting “Snow White and the Hunter” Rupert Sanders (photographers managed to photograph the kisses of a couple), but who knows how the love story would turn Rob and Kristen, if not for public discussion. Rupert, by the way, was married to the model of Liberty Ross, who after the scandal threw the wrong one. So yes, Stuart sincerely does not understand who the glory can attract.

“Glory is the worst thing in the world. You have been preparing for all these tracks, press conferences and interviews for so long, you spend so much energy, and then you are criticized and analyzed, and this leaves no strength. “

Colin Firth

Colin Firth Celebrities who hate their Fame 4

Colin Firth knew the taste of fame after the serial adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice”, and did not like his taste. In his native Britain, only the lazy did not poke a finger at him, calling Firth the name of his hero Darcy. And when, two years later, Firth married the Italian woman Livia Giugiolli, the sufferings of Britons were unlimited: the country’s chief bachelor left them without hope. In general, Colin ironically refers to comparisons with Mr. Darcy, so he did not refuse to play the eponymous character in the film based on the book by Helen Fielding “Bridget Jones”, which in many respects copied the main character from the favorite series. But the actor seriously worries about the boundaries of his personal life.

“I do not think that my personal life belongs to anyone else. I have to give everything to the camera, but only when I’m working. I’m not complaining, but that’s what I have to regulate. “


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