Cut off Finger and too Dirty Underwear

We talk about the craziest deeds star couple whose divorce has attracted worldwide attention. How suing each other Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In the next couple of weeks in London, the trial should be completed in the suit of Johnny Depp against the British tabloid The Sun: the actor claims that in 2018 the newspaper posted a slanderous article accusing him of physical and psychological violence against his ex-wife – actress and model Amber Heard. The Pirates of the Caribbean star denies having allowed himself such tricks, while his attorneys and witness Heard provide the court with increasingly strange details of their life together.

Depp met his future wife in 2012 on the set of The Rum Diary. Three years after their meeting, he broke up with Vanessa Paradis and married Hurd, and already in 2016 his new wife filed for divorce, calling the reason for the breakup “unsolvable contradictions.” The streamlined wording was almost instantly supplemented with details: within a few days, Hurd released photos with bruises on her face and spoke about the violence experienced. The media, including The Sun, immediately included Depp in the ranks of the abusers, recalling his problems with drugs and alcohol, film studios doubted whether to continue working with the actor, and Hurd wrote a column for The Washington Post, in which she described how the divorce with Depp nearly destroyed her career. The end of 2018 was a kind of starting point for a series of endless public proceedings on the topic of who can be considered a real victim in this marriage.


Depp reacted to the article in The Washington Post with yet another lawsuit and demanded $ 50 million in damages, which seemed to only anger his ex-wife, who then brought new charges. The Aquaman star recalled that they had problems a year after the start of the relationship. According to the artist, her former husband abused drugs, mixing them with alcohol and drugs, after which he turned into a completely different person. “We called this state his monster Johnny,” said Hurd.

The actress remembered Depp many scandals, which, according to her, were erased from his memory, since he was often in an inadequate state. Hurd stated that the ex-husband provoked quarrels due to jealousy of her colleague James Franco, regularly broke things in their house, and once wanted to push her sister off the stairs. She added that Depp repeatedly dragged her hair, choked her, beat her, and then confessed her love and asked for forgiveness. In court, the star presented correspondence in which the ex-husband apologizes for his tricks and calls himself a savage. Hurd explained that she was in love and forgave him everything, since she believed that he would change.


Hurd had to survive not only for himself and his sister, but also for the dogs. The actress claims that the ex-husband scoffed at her Yorkshire Terriers Boo and Pistol in every possible way: put drugs in front of their nose, put the pets in the microwave off and poked them out of the car window. Depp admitted that although he has a specific sense of humor, he is not attracted to livelihood.

However, if you believe in Depp’s lack of desire to torture innocent animals, it was easy enough, then his furious statements about his ex-wife did cast doubt on his innocence. At one of the court hearings, excerpts from the artist’s correspondence with a friend were read in which he promises to drown and burn his ex-wife. “I ***** [fuck] her burnt corpse afterwards, to make sure she is dead,” he wrote to actor Paul Bettany.

Amber Heard’s problems were not limited to domestic violence, divorce, and endless trials. A celebrity column for The Washinton Post said that after breaking up with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, she began to receive threats, and companies began to terminate her advertising contracts. This state of affairs could not but arouse the sympathy of both the feminist community and women in general – and the #MeToo anti-harassment movement not only found one of its brightest (and most ardent) representatives, but also seemed to have time to regret it. The further the actors sorted out the relationship, the more rapidly Heard’s “track record” was replenished.


In court, the artist’s defense recalled the “bloody incident” of 2016. According to lawyers, then Depp, intoxicated with alcohol and ecstasy, threw another scandal on the basis of jealousy and, cutting his finger, wrote on the wall with blood and paint the name of Billy Bob Thornton – he suspected that his wife had an affair with this actor. Depp, in turn, presented another version of what happened: during a quarrel, Hurd threw a bottle of vodka at him, and glass splinters damaged his brush. Of course, the images that leaked into the network with an actor who almost lost their finger did not convince Heard’s supporters, however, the conversation of the star couple merged into the network made them take a fresh look at their ongoing conflict.

“I cannot promise you that I will not use force again. Lord, I ***** [hell] sometimes get so angry that I just lose control. I ***** can promise that I will do everything to change. I promise. I will no longer demand a divorce, ”said the actress during the conversation. During another conversation, she admitted that she had beaten her husband, but she did it slightly: “You are such a child, grow up, *****, Johnny!”

Later, audio recordings were published on the Internet, in which Hurd in an already more severe form taunts his ex-husband and his complaints of beatings.

The idea that Depp could declare himself a victim of domestic violence seemed absolutely ridiculous to the star: “Let’s see how many people believe you.”


Heard’s self-confident and bold behavior angered fans of her ex-husband, who launched a petition demanding to deprive her of her role in the next Aquaman. In addition, the #MeToo movement was not the first time accused of double standards and unwillingness to thoroughly understand the situation, despite the fact that some of its representatives still refused to support the actress. So, activist Amanda de Cadene changed her mind to testify against Depp, because she changed her mind about the situation with the divorce of the star couple.

A separate topic of the couple’s conflicts was the jealousy of Johnny Depp, which turned out to be not so baseless. In the summer of 2016, Hurd was noticed in the company of billionaire Ilon Mask, and Depp insisted that their romance began when the actress was still married to him. During the trial, it turned out that the founder of SpaceX, recorded on the star’s phone as a “man-rocket,” did correspond with her before the divorce. In addition, Depp claimed that his ex-wife had a romantic relationship with actor James Franco.

In general, unremarkable news about the novel of the artist and businessman was gradually replenished with increasingly piquant rumors. Depp’s neighbor Josh Drew, who was previously married to his best friend Heard Rockel Pennington, said that the actress had a love and erotic relationship with Mask and model Cara Delevingne. Musk claimed that there could be no talk of any threesome and that Delevingne was his girlfriend.


Later, the founder of SpaceX was completely suspected of beating the actress. According to Hurd, on May 21, 2016 she became a victim of Depp’s aggression: he allegedly launched a mobile phone into her, after which bruises and scratches remained on her face. At the same time, Trinity Esparza, a penthouse worker in whom the couple lived, reported in court that after the alleged attack she did not see any bruises on the actress’s face. According to her, they appeared only a week later – at that time Depp left the country, and Musk began to visit Hurd. It was during this period that traces of beatings appeared on the artist’s face.

The only evidence of her romance with James Franco was a video from surveillance cameras, which show how she rides with the actor in an elevator.

Subsequently, the actress began dating the director Bianca Butti, and in the spring of 2019, her ex-husband started a relationship with the Russian dancer Polina Glen. In a correspondence with an agent, Christian Carino Depp said that he “met a damn seductive Russian babe,” and called his ex-wife a cheap stripper. In the autumn of the same year, it became known that Glen ended her relationship with the artist, frightened by increased public attention.

More often than betrayal and beatings in court, except perhaps Depp’s love for prohibited substances. At one of the meetings, lawyer Sasha Vass, representing the interests of The Sun, asked if the actor really encourages the fact that his daughter uses marijuana. Depp replied that he had never encouraged such a thing, but admitted that when Lily Rose, his daughter from Vanessa Parady, was 13 years old, he really treated her with this drug, as he was worried that she would try it for the first time in an unfamiliar company.


He added that before giving Lily Rose marijuana, he took care of a suitable home environment: he prepared a TV and bought ice cream.

Depp himself, apparently, used drugs in a much less comfortable atmosphere. In court, Hurd remembered how she tried to ban her ex-husband from using ecstasy, and in response received a statement that she did not have the right to establish such a framework. In addition to numerous stories, the actress also presented the court with a photo in which, according to her, the typical artist’s breakfast is captured: cocaine, a couple of glasses of whiskey and a cigarette. In another picture, you can see Depp, unable to cope with such a morning portion.

Despite the fights, quarrels, alleged betrayals and other disagreements, a very strange case put the final point in celebrity relations. If you believe the actor, in 2016 he had another skirmish with his wife: a party was held in the house in honor of her birthday, but the artist practically ignored the holiday and went to bed early. In the morning, he found feces in the bed and decided that they belong to the actress or to one of her friends. Although Hurd asserted that the dogs were to blame, Depp insisted that the Yorkshire terriers were too small to jump onto the bed and leave so much dirt behind. About the strange trick of the actress Depp told the manager of the house Kevin Murphy. He noted that she called it harmless prank. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” the rally seemed not so harmless – it was after this trick that the actor decided to divorce Hurd.


Faced with endless ridicule and received the nickname “Amber Sret” from her ex-husband, the artist struck back and said that Depp was trying to write her name on the carpet and the walls of their house with her urine. Former manager Ben King did not confirm this information and said in court that he did not see any traces. He added that the couple often sorted out relationships, and their conflicts were similar to “schoolchildren quarrels.”

Over time, friends and activists of #MeToo turned away from Amber Heard, and colleagues and former lovers began to actively defend Depp. One of the first spoke out Winona Ryder, who will soon appear in court against the British tabloid. The former artist’s bride, who met with him in the late 1980s for four years, assured that Depp was never violent – on the contrary, he was a good and caring man, with whom she felt safe.

The words Ryder was confirmed by the mother of two children of the artist Vanessa Paradis. Despite the fact that Depp left her for Heard, the singer warmly responded about him, noting that she had never been subjected to violence or verbal abuse from her ex-spouse.

Spanish actor Javier Bardem made it clear that he considers this situation a pre-planned provocation of Hurd. “I love Johnny because he is a good person who is trapped in the lies and manipulations of toxic people, but despite this, he still smiles and shows love for us. How? Through his music, through his actions, through his silence. That means a lot. Thanks, Johnny, ”he said.


For Depp, the wife of Bardem Penelope Cruz also stood up. She remembered that during the first five months of her pregnancy, she spent a lot of time with the actor, as they starred together in Pirates of the Caribbean. Cruz said that the colleague was nice and caring – not only during joint filming, but always in general.

The loud divorce from Amber Heard was not the first link in a series of unfortunate events that happened with Johnny Depp. In 2018, the actor gave a 72-hour interview to Rolling Stone journalist Stephen Rodrick, in which he said that he had almost completely lost 650 million dollars earned during his career. It turned out that the management company responsible for his finances used the money for their own purposes, and Depp signed almost all the papers without looking. The article claims that the artist did not manage the money very reasonably – for example, he spent 30 thousand dollars a month on wine. At the same time, the court squabbles with his ex-wife and The Sun newspaper not only added to Depp’s list of expenses, but also seriously affected his reputation: even if it turns out that he never raised his hand to his ex-wife, stories and confirming their photo evidence of permanently staying insane Depp’s condition will no longer be erased from the memory of his colleagues and fans.


As for Amber Heard, the actress is now called the real “disappeared”, now comparing with the dangerous psychopath from the thriller of the same name, with the initial support of feminists. And although the fact that the celebrity gave slaps to the ex-husband does not preclude the possibility of retaliatory violence on his part, the story of Hurd seems to once again remind you that you should never rush to conclusions.

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