Lady Gaga naked body

Naked body everything is visible stars even in clothes

Our selection of celebrities are unashamedly showcasing a riot of flesh and sexuality on the red carpets. And nothing changes in everyday life.

It would seem that you can’t surprise anyone with a naked body, but the scandalous outfits of these beauties are actively discussed by society and in the press. They know how to surprise. True, sometimes neglecting the framework of decency.

Nicki Minaj expose parts of naked body.

You have to try very hard to find at least one decent outfit of an American rapper. Nicky does not lose the opportunity to demonstrate her charms by wrapping them in lace and latex. Sheer mesh all over the body, slimming corsets and bodysuits, extreme mini and lecherous cleavage . And these are the basic things in Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe. Nicky rarely dresses, but everyone is looking forward to her next outfit.

Lady Gaga.

Gaga is synonymous with the word “outrageous”. The celebrity gained her popularity largely thanks to her extravagant outfits. Gaga is literally not shy about anything, and over the years of her career, we seem to have covered every bit of her body.

That only is worth her appearance at the Met Gala this year. First, the star appeared in an immense image of the color of function, which turned into a black evening dress, then into a pink tight-fitting satin dress, which the singer took off altogether when she appeared in front of a stunned audience in only lingerie and fishnet tights. The author of the transforming outfit was designer Brandon Maxwell.



Emily Ratajkowski expose parts of naked body.

Emily was simply born to walk nude. To the delight of numerous fans, the model prefers to demonstrate the maximum of her ideal body and boldly goes out in open and very open dresses. Even on a walk with the dog in a voluminous jacket and bell-bottomed pants, the model manages to look half-naked. It’s all about a short, form-fitting crop top that exposes Emily’s chic belly.


And the other day, the supermodel went out shopping in a very simple knitted dress in a nude shade. Despite the modest cut, the outfit again turned out to be very revealing, as it tightly fitted Emily’s forms. Not only that, the creamy shade also created the effect of a naked dress. And we are sure that everyone is just happy to see Emily in these outfits.

Bella Hadid.

Deep neckline, lack of linen and translucent fabrics are all Bella Hadid’s wardrobe favorites. In everyday life, the model also loves to be naked. For example, for going to a restaurant, the girl chose a translucent top with chains and revealing cutouts and sporty trousers.


In general, Hadid is able to turn even the most boring outfit into an intriguing one. And for the publication, the model chooses provocative outfits that emphasize her slender figure. For one of the last outings, the model chose a pinstriped denim suit, while buttoning the shirt only with the first button, showing the neckline and perfect abs.

Gigi Hadid.

Gigi  doesn’t get naked as often as Bella, but sometimes she still follows the example of her younger sister. It seemed, what could be frank in a simple look of a wine-colored cashmere turtleneck and dress pants in the same range? It’s simple – the supermodel’s blouse is completely transparent, and under it Hadid wore a thin bra that did not hide her nipples.



Dakota Johnson.

The other day, the actress shone at the Governors Awards in a perfect dress from Brandon Maxwell. The sensual outfit consisted of a revealing top and a voluminous floor-length skirt. The sexy image is just the same as the main character of the movie “50 Shades of Gray”, in which Johnson played the main role.

A liberated celebrity often pampers fans with “naked” outfits that emphasize her femininity. At the premiere of the film “Friend”, the American actress appeared in a black Dior dress, the upper part of which was a translucent corset, which made the image spicy and sophisticated.

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