Britney Spears
Britney Spears

The look of celebrities who love junk food

Celebrities who are also not averse to dine with pizza or other unhealthy but tasty food.

Cameron Diaz. The actress wrote a book with recommendations on how to eat, so that the body was perfect (and, to be honest, she could well afford to give advice). Despite this, a star can not resist the fries.

Rihanna The singer just loves ice cream, especially chocolate! To the weaknesses of the star, you can still add french fries, another fast food and carbonara. From time to time, this affects the figure of the star, but Rihanna seems to feel comfortable with any volumes.



Miranda Kerr. Beauty can not live without fried chicken! True, the actress allows herself this dish not so often, which is probably why she keeps the perfect figure.

Britney Spears. The singer is a real sweet tooth! Britney loves sweets, chocolate, and does not deny herself these pleasures. So now, when the journalists once again write that Spears is not in shape, you know who (or rather, what) to blame.

Jennifer Aniston. The actress can talk about how to eat properly and how rarely she allows herself a soda, but she still has hot hot dogs in her favorite dishes. True, all the food eaten by Jennifer Aniston fulfills in training.



Selena Gomez. This beauty is a huge fan of the most famous chain of fast food restaurants! Selena repeatedly posted on Instagram a photo from McDonald’s, playfully chewing french fries. And even with this love star behaves in a stable form.

Adele. The star pampers itself with everything it wants, and does not deny itself any harmful food. And the singer admitted that she hates sports!

Carly Kloss. Did you think the model is on strict diets and drinks a piece of broccoli with a glass of water? And here it is: the star does not deny himself burgers, french fries and soda. And at the same time, even rumors of excess weight or cellulite on the model’s ideal legs never appeared on the network.



Lady Gaga. The winner of the Grammy and Oscar awards would like to enjoy the famous breaded chicken, sandwiches, burgers and other delicious food.

Leonardo DiCaprio. There is nothing alien to the legendary actor: Leo is a real fan of fast food restaurants! True, he only eats burgers with beef, because, according to the star, it is easier to digest.



Ashley Graham Plus-size models have to keep a close eye on nutrition, but sometimes a star allows itself fast food. Graham loves potatoes, pizza and chocolate paste.

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