signs of a happy, lasting relationship

6 signs of a happy, lasting relationship

A healthy relationship has many things in common. Learn the signals and habits that build long, successful marriages

1. You really like each other

It seems self-evident, but happy couples truly love each other. “You must have the realization that this is your best friend, the person you love, the person you like, with whom you want to share your life,” says Antonia Hall, a psychologist and relationship expert. “In a strong relationship, both members encourage and bring out the best in each other.”

2. He is the first person with whom you share news

You’ve just gotten a promotion at work, and the first thing you want to do with the good news is to call your significant other. When something good happens in your life, you don’t want to talk to anyone else. And if something bad happens, you better talk about it with your partner than with someone else. “Take a look at the list of the most frequent contacts on your phone,” says Brooke Wise, founder of Wise Matchmaking. “When he or she comes out on top, it’s a good sign.”

3. You are not judged

You can be honest with him (her) and know that you will not be judged. “No one wants to feel like a suspect in a courtroom, especially when talking to a loved one,” Hall says. – Judgment can generate resentment and anger that are difficult to hide. When people can be happy, or at least genuinely accept the differences between them, it promotes happy, healthy and lasting relationships. ”


4. Your friends love him

“We are often influenced by a circle of close friends, and stamping their approval on the person you are dating can give you peace of mind that greatly strengthens the relationship,” Hall says. How do you know they really like him? When you get together, he is also invited. And although you are in a relationship with him and not your friends, “it makes group meetings easier and more fun.”

5. You don’t complain about him to your friends.

You don’t write to your friends about what he has done. It’s even hard for you to find something bad in him. “Our friends want us to be happy,” says Hall. “If there are no complaints from you, they will be calm for you and want to keep in touch.”

6. You don’t shy away from difficult conversations.

If you can discuss difficult topics such as children, religion, sex and politics, then you have a solid foundation for a shared future. “Two-way communication is central to any viable marriage,” says Stacy Laura Lloyd, an expert in dating, relationships and wellbeing. “When you and your partner are ready to openly, honestly and frankly discuss something – and no topic is taboo, – the bond between you is constantly growing.” If you cannot discuss sensitive issues, sooner or later this prohibition will come between you.

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