Compatibility In A Pair

How To Determine Compatibility In A Pair?

Psychological incompatibility in a couple is not uncommon. People break up for this reason. As the saying goes, “we did not agree in character.” Let’s figure out what it is and how to deal with it.

The basis of psychological compatibility is the character and temperament of a person. Such compatibility implies by itself, the ability of people for long-term relationships, without conflicts and quarrels.

There are two signs of compatibility: Spiritual compatibility. Physical compatibility.

Spiritual is when you have common goals, you share the views of each other, emotional communication and so on. Physiological – intimacy, attractive appearance of your partner. Together, this gives harmony in relationships. If you do not have common topics for conversation with your soul mate, or there is no sexual attraction, then you should think about your relationship.


There are many reasons for psychological incompatibility. Often people break up due to misunderstanding in a couple. It will not work to understand who is to blame in such a situation. Both are often to blame, since the character of each person is individual. Different interests, hobbies, values, all this leads to the complexity of spending time together, so everyone spends time somewhere or with someone more interesting.

Maturity plays an important role. If you are not or your partner cannot take on serious issues and solve them, then you need to urgently learn how to do this. Incompatibility can also be with a coincidence of character, two leaders are definitely not destined to be together, someone will clearly have to make concessions.

There is an opinion that opposites attract, if so, then you perfectly complement each other. Take care of your man, it is not so easy to find him. You always need to be able to distinguish between psychological incompatibility paired with unwillingness to compromise and concessions. You should always work on the relationship, not give up right away.

Learn to hear and accept each other.

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