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learn how to walk in high heels

What is the secret of a beautiful gait

A woman in heels is beautiful, and if her gait is at a height, then men are fascinated by looking at her trail. However, for many ladies, walking in heels is just torture. Today I will tell you about little tr...
Why clothing that showcases breasts hasn't gone out of style

Why Cleavage hasn’t gone out of style

For many centuries, women's breasts have been depicted in frescoes, carved out of marble, cast in bronze and sung in verse. We figured out why clothes that do not hide, but, on the contrary, emphasize the bust,...
Choosing a Jacket For All Occasions

Choosing a Jacket For All Occasions!

A jacket is rightfully called a universal piece of clothing. Although, some of us mistakenly believe that it should be worn exclusively for the office or for official events. However, experienced women of fashion and trendsetters are of a different opinion. T...
Create Your Unique Style

Create Your Unique Style

Often we want to follow fashion, just so as not to be considered tasteless, ridiculous. For many, fashion has become a part of their lives, but there are also girls who, one might say, are fighting precisely f...
90s Fashion Trends That Come Back Again

90s Fashion Trends That Come Back Again!

For modern citizens, the fashion of the 90s seems somewhat wild, and things from that period of history look very bizarre. However, eminent designers are not averse to looking back at this era, so in fashion c...
Fashion Designer Tom Ford

Fashion Designer Tom Ford! History of success

Tom Ford was born in Texas and gained popularity when he worked for the world famous Gucci fashion house. A natural leader and a completely independent person from early childhood, at the age of 17, Tom leaves his native Texas and moves to live and study in N...

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