mistakes we make when we want to get rid of cellulite 0

5 mistakes we make when we want to get rid of cellulite

Summer, beach, sea, cellulite … It seems that these concepts are already inseparable. And as we would like to make the process of getting rid of cellulite the orange peel occurred at the flick.

Perhaps we are just doing the wrong steps in the fight that create cellulite causes against this problem

Can you work out to get rid of cellulite in sports in tight clothes?

There is a theory that classes in tight, as well as warm clothes contribute to rapid weight loss, from cellulite, if you believe the legends walking on the Internet, you can also get rid of. Yes, a grain of truth in this statement is: sweating under tons of slimming clothes, you can really lose pounds , but it will be water, not fat. And certainly there will not be an unfortunate cellulite. On the contrary, it will slow blood circulation, and this is one of the reasons for the appearance of the orange peel.

mistakes we make when we want to get rid of cellulite 0

We consider cellulite as something shameful

Cellulite is in 90% of women, and it can be called a legacy that the ancestors on the female line gave to us. Why do some women it appears on the legs and buttocks, while others – on hands and abdomen? It’s not just a sedentary lifestyle and lack of sports, but also genetics (run carefully to consider their mother and grandmother).

If it is more detailed, in all the estrogen is to blame – in the female body it is most active (therefore in men cellulite is rare), and with age its activity increases, which makes the problem even more acute. Plus, it is women who have connective tissues in the buttocks and hips zones that are weaker than in men, which again makes us victims of this phenomenon.

We think that food has nothing to do with it. What foods contribute to cellulite?

Long known fact – cellulite can occur in people of any build and weight, and even regular exercise (if they are not directed to the “problem” areas) does not eliminate the “wrinkled” skin. However, scientists have long shown that certain foods may aggravate the situation.

For example, refined carbohydrates (found in alcohol, jam, baked goods, ice cream), sugar and salt in large quantities fill the body with toxins, which become a whole army fighting with collagen. And if the collagen forces are weakened, then do not be surprised that the skin has lost its former elasticity. Of course, cellulite will not give up its position, if your program will include only the dismissal of these products from your menu. But on the way to the ideal skin nutrition also plays a role.

We use the wrong treatments

Many of us at least once tried the action of anti-cellulite apparatuses on ourselves and made sure that not all of them work efficiently. They can deliver painful sensations or have many contraindications. Vacuum-roller techniques (for example, LPG and B-flexy) can not be applied to girls who have vascular asterisks and varicose veins. A manual massage will only help if the client has the first or second stage of cellulite.

Of the novelties in the study of this problem are devices based on the technique of rotational thermal compression or the R-sleek technique. It is just not contraindicated for those who have problems with the veins (the action is described as “vascular gymnastics”), and works with deep layers of the skin. According to some experts, the technique is not just painless and does not damage the tissues, but also takes into account the individual features of the figure due to its two-phase nature, eliminating cellulite at its various stages. As many of us could be convinced, not all traditional hardware methods cope with this task.

mistakes we make when we want to get rid of cellulite 0

Strongly believe in the power of creams

No, manufacturers do not lie when they write on their “magic” jars that they are ready to save you from cellulite. It is important to understand which front of the work they define. Firstly, if you rub the cream or lotion with your hands without using a mitten or a massager, then all the diligence will be almost in vain. Secondly, you need to soberly assess the situation – the funds from the store only work on the upper layers of the skin and have a short effect. With the running version, they are unlikely to be able to show their “magic”.


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