New Year’s Eve Manicure Ideas

Preparing for the holiday in advance and carefully studying the ideas of the New Year’s manicure 2021. The concept of the most beautiful manicure changes every year. For some girls, this is a restrained classic in the form of a French manicure. Others call a bright, catchy manicure with a decor in the form of rhinestones beautiful. In turn, for the third, a sophisticated minimalistic design will be more attractive.

New Year’s Eve manicure 2021 with logos

Rebirth from the ashes of the trend from the 90s, when we even pulled the labels out of our pants so that everyone around us could see which brand we love. Those who could not afford the original did not skimp on fakes – and this was also a stylish detail of the time. At a certain point, showing everyone the names of Italian designers and sports brands became a sign of bad form, and the thing about the origin of which was not known was considered fashionable. The story is cyclical, and we are again at a stage that involves pride in labels screaming from all sides.

For those who do not want to go broke (otherwise you will buy it now, and in two years the world will change again), there is a nail design for the new year 2021 – draw cherished words, trademarks or symbols on your nails. So, for example, does singer Billie Eilish, who prefers long tips with the coveted Burberry cage. And for the most dull-witted, the brand’s inscription also flaunts on her clothes (and judging by the arms folded on her chest, the brand is already in her heart).

French for New Year 2021

We continue our journey through retro motives. Only this time we remember the noughties with a kind word. Then square white nails were the main decoration of the stars of the first echelon, and mere mortals. Decades later, multi-colored options appeared, the length and shape of the nails were constantly being improved. Satisfied with the rainbow, we again turn to such a simple and close classics. That is why nails with a transparent coating and white tips can also become a variant of manicure for the New Year of the Ox 2021. The fact that diva Jennifer Lopez wears it today, who has not lost her degree of popularity since the 90s, speaks of the relevance of such a coating.

New Year’s manicure Ideas with silver tips

In the previous chapter, we just talked about variations on the theme of a bright jacket, one of the representatives of our time is a translucent manicure with sparkles. Where to get glitter and what kind of manicure to do for New Year 2021? – you ask. We answer: sequins can be of different origins:

  • It can be a shimmery varnish, that is, a base that already contains shining particles;
  • It can be glitter – elements shimmering in the light that can be applied not only to nails, but also to the face, body and even hair. In order for the glitter not to create problems during removal, it is better to apply it on top of the varnish, and not on the bare nail;
  • It can be rhinestones. Oh yes, it is also fashionable to do nail art with them from now on;
  • It can be crystals. If you have a desire to tinker with this material.

Another feature of this phenomenon is pointed marigolds. It was they who got along with the character of the main singing birds of Hollywood – with the same Bibi Rexa, the singer of the hit Say My Name. If you haven’t heard, we advise you to watch the video – there Bibi is very seductive and neon (and yes, for the mention of the single, the girl unfastens us decent fees).

New Year’s black and white manicure Ideas 2021

Not only (a person’s) eyes can be brought down, but also nails. A neat black border along a clean nail, not spoiled by color madness, is a way to simultaneously emphasize your elegance and hint at your love of adventures (albeit small ones). Do I need to emphasize how advantageous black and white nail art looks in combination with white shoes and clothes with stripes.

We are not heartless and we cannot leave you with a single copy, so we generously share 40 ways to make black and white nail designs for the New Year 2021 – look for them in the GALLERY

Manicure with piercings for the New Year of the Ox 2021

  1. Elle Fanning’s case is difficult, both literally and figuratively. Not everyone wants to carry keychains on their nails. However, the piercing idea is not as bad as it might seem at first glance, and here are a couple of reasons:
  2. Firstly, it is not necessary to pierce your nails; for the New Year’s manicure 2021, buy false tips (the stores already have options with rings and original jewelry).
    Secondly, why not try this quite festive option for at least one night a year (okay, probably for 2-3 weeks, don’t take off all the beauty right after the chimes).

Milk manicure Ideas for New Year of the Ox 2021

The main discovery of 2020 was the milky shade – the same one from the fairy tale about the jelly banks and the corresponding rivers. Not pink and not white (but something in between), dairy will bring love, harmony and balance so necessary after the destructive events of the outgoing year in the New Year’s manicure 2021. The very case when you don’t want any drawings, but you puzzle over that which one-color coating to choose. Choose a delicate fabulous varnish and rejoice like the body-positive singer Lizzo.

Nude manicure for the New Year of the Ox 2021

A subtle irony for those who did not understand – Selena Gomez wears “naked” nails with clothes with large cutouts, revealing a view of her naked body. Nudity on nudity. We do not think that there are people in the world who have not heard of “manicure without manicure” – the nails seem to be painted, but it seems they are not, it depends on how you look at it. Another version of the solid color coating without tweezers, painted tips, animal prints, patterns and crystals.

In fact, it is the flesh-colored lacquers that are the most popular option for the red carpet. Yes, there are enough inventors in the celebrity party, but there are also many who wear the most versatile cover, suitable for any outfit, mood and skin color. Perhaps one can really say about him: for 2-3 weeks of constant “socks” he will not get bored and never become too pretentious.

manicure Ideas from halves for the New Year of the Ox 2021

We once joked about the versatile ability of actress Lucy Boyton to cleverly choose manicure, makeup and boyfriend for a social event (and in the photo, by the way, it’s not just some kind of party, but an Oscar afterparty), she knows where the trend is buried. Since this article is not about men and not about makeup (what a pity), but about what kind of manicure to do for the New Year 2021, so we will discuss it. The star of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” (if anything, we continue to talk about Lucy) is aware of the fashion for “halves” – about the same as in some establishments you can order pizza from different pieces, in the same way, nail art is folded on the hands like a puzzle.

Boyton, naturally, prefers the most daring option. The girl said yes to negative space – a trick from the life of artists, which implies that a picture is built around an unpainted piece of paper, material, or, in our case, a nail. We agree with those who exclaim: “This is very reminiscent of a sloppy manicure or even regrown nails that have not been taken to the master for a long time.”

That’s right: it is possible to consider such a violation of the holy laws on Lucy’s fingers. But we still hope that you will not try to see a mermaid in the lake, a ghost in an abandoned house, and negligence and neglect in a recognized trend.

Nail design with pictures for the New Year 2021

Dots (I want to rhyme with “kidneys”), stripes, snakes – whoever is much in the name of a festive image, the idea is especially good in a mix with several ornaments on the fingers (including megapopular rings on phalanges). We draw your attention to the cow print (Kylie Jenner just skillfully brings it to life) – yes, you heard right: on nails with oval specks, reminiscent of a domestic cloven-hoofed animal. This is one of the iconic trends of the outgoing year, and for a manicure Ideas for the New Year of the Ox 2021, the thing is more than appropriate.

Neon New Year’s Eve manicure Ideas 2021

It’s easy to talk about style and dictate terms when you’re the star and basking in the Miami sun 24/7. Wear neon, beach waves and short tops all year round – celebrities tell us, and we sadly sniff under a snowstorm in Russia, going through another endless winter. But, let me tell you, if tops and curled curls are perhaps not the most suitable option in frosts and during the period of precipitation, then what prevents you from turning on neon to the fullest on your nails? Who even came up with the idea that in the cold season we are obliged to wear black, well, maximum – a burgundy shade?

Of course, bright green, flashy blue or yellow nails, by the standards of our upbringing, are more associated with the sun and the beach, but what (or who) prevents them from combining them with confetti, colorful garlands, ripe oranges or even flowers (we give them round year, although, according to the covenants of nature, could only when they bloom in our strip)?

In general, we propose to discard all conventions and consider neon as an idea for the New Year’s 2021 manicure, the more Rihanna loves it – a celebrity who proves throughout her career: all stereotypes about a modern woman and her obedience to public rules no longer work. “Women should wear underwear, paint for themselves. I can only hope that my lingerie line and beauty brand will make them bolder and stronger. I want women to be the only masters of their appearance, ”says the owner of several successful business projects1. Let it not be directly about the New Year’s manicure 2021, but certainly about freedom of choice in everything.

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