Matte minimalism summer manicure

Stylish manicure: actual design ideas for a hot summer

Summertime is not only a great opportunity to take a break from annoying autumn rains, cold piercing winds and snowdrifts. During this period, every fashionista opens up a lot of opportunities to emphasize her attractiveness and demonstrate her excellent taste to others. Young ladies are actively updating their wardrobe with new clothes, changing hair color or hairstyle and choosing a manicure design that will correspond to the chosen direction. That is why today we devoted our material to fashionable ideas for decorating marigolds, which, according to nail designers, in the summer season  the most relevant for creating the image of a stylish and confident lady.

Stylish French manicure for the summer

The popularity of French design is not influenced by any fashion trends. This type of manicure remains in demand for a long time, and thanks to its ability to modify and adapt to any mood of the young lady, it confidently occupies a leading position in the list of the “best”. Summer French 2021 invites its fans to use bright shades of varnishes in the design process, boldly experiment with the shape of a smile and decorate nails with sequins or large sequins. A variation of a French with an emphasis on one or two nails looks very interesting. It can be a pattern lined with stones or rhinestones, sculpting, hand-painted or a bright slider. At the same time, the drawings can duplicate the colors of the manicure or, on the contrary, differ in contrast.

Multicolored summer manicure

In order to look stylish in the summer, it is enough just to experiment a little with bright accents in the image and a manicure in this case is the most suitable idea. Multi-colored marigolds go well with light or bright clothes and look harmoniously with any accessories, be it sunglasses, a fashionable belt or a women’s handbag. Trending ideas include bright designs in yellow, orange, turquoise and any rich color, as well as a variety of pastel shades that fit perfectly into any style. Manicure “different” pens or a gradient look the most advantageous in this version.

Matte minimalism summer manicure

We have already talked more than once about the attractiveness of a matte finish and the relevance of drawings in the style of minimalism. This season, the designers proposed combining these two ideas, as a result of which an interesting matte design with neat drawings settled on the list of summer novelties. Especially impressive is such a proposal, made in bright and juicy shades that maximally convey a sunny mood. Drawings can be performed in different themes and decorate both all fingers and one or two marigolds.

Design with lines and stripes

The idea of ​​decorating a manicure with a variety of stripes and lines can be confidently called an interpretation of geometric design. This offer does not contain anything superfluous and, at the request of the young lady, can decorate any coating. Vertical, horizontal, broken or randomly located stripes do not have to be decorated with black varnish only. Patterns can be applied using any shade and can be freely varied with the width of the details. It is especially interesting to combine such drawings with negative space, abstraction and pieces of foil.

Summer haze manicure

This version of the manicure looks very unusual and stylish at the same time. It never repeats and decorates each nail with a unique pattern. The haze is created with an aerograph or a manicure brush and can include several shades. The décor of this character is distinguished by many variations, including images that resemble a sea wave, original gradient transitions, abstract patterns and even tubers of smoke. Drawings can decorate each finger or beautifully highlight only a few marigolds. Using shiny varnishes or glitter will only transform such images.

Floral motives for hot summer manicure 

Not a single summer season is complete without original manicure ideas with floral motifs. Such images always look stylish and give the whole image a special charm. Any outfit with this nail design will look more feminine. In the design, you can use any shades as well as not limit yourself in the choice of patterns. Your marigolds can be adorned with cute daisies, vibrant sunflowers, delicate rosebuds or lush inflorescences of exotic plants. Place colorful pictures on accent nails, combine motifs with other techniques and emphasize details with sparkles. Your marigolds are worthy of such beauty!

Fruit and berry nail art

Do you like fruits and berries? Then you will definitely like this offer. After all, if young ladies are allowed to express their love for flowers in the design of marigolds, why not repeat the same with slices of juicy watermelon, pieces of melon or strawberries. In addition, such an idea meets all the requirements of a stylish summer manicure as much as possible, which is expressed in the use of bright shades of varnish. We connect imagination and in an original way we combine “tasty” drawings with bright nails, negative space or shiny décor. The result will surely please you.

Foam manicure

Another trendy novelty this summer is babbles nails or foam manicure. The characteristic bubble pattern is made with soap foam and, despite the visual complexity of the pattern, is created in just a few minutes. The foam design looks great on any shade of the coating and can be supplemented with rubbing, small rhinestones or beads at the request of the fashionista. This embossed pattern perfectly imitates reptile skin or water surface. At the same time, bubbles can be applied to the entire nail plate or effectively highlight only a part of the marigold.

Stylish manicure for the evening

Every fashionista during the summer is faced with important and solemn events, whether it is an anniversary with her best friend, a wedding celebration or a professional holiday, so it is simply necessary to have in mind several stylish variations of manicure in a similar style. This season, rhinestones, beads or pearls will be an excellent addition to your festive manicure. Décor elements fit beautifully into various shapes and stripes along the marigold, look gorgeous on a rubbed and matte top. You can also decorate the French line with shiny accents, highlight the core of the flower or the entire marigold. Any of the examples looks incredibly stylish and festive.

A stylish manicure is not only a beautiful finish with décor variations or patterns. This is an integral part of the entire female image, which attracts attention and should be harmoniously combined with the rest of the components. There should be no flaws or shortcomings in the image of a stylish lady, and such a detail as a perfectly matched manicure will allow you to fully reveal your potential and become a real style icon.

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