Stylish nail trend summer white manicure designs

Stylish trend white manicure summer

Calm and delicate white manicure has long been considered a classic option. In the summer of 2021, it can be safely used as a base for applying various patterns, supplemented with any décor and used as a monochromatic coating. It is this kind of nail art that many women of fashion consider a universal solution for their summer looks. We will tell you about the most important features of fashionable white manicure for the summer season below.

Fashion trends of manicure

A solid color coating looks very nice and attractive, but such a design is extremely rare. Most often, craftsmen offer a combination of two or three colors to complete a white design. In the summer of 2021, the most appreciated velvety matte surface. This manicure looks original, fresh and fits any summer outfit. Increasingly, scotch tape, sparkles, beads and broths are found as decoration. Such elements will help make the design irresistible and special.

In general, it is worth noting that in the summer of 2021, any décor is actively used on a white basis. But the choice depends on the owner herself. For a wedding ceremony, it is best to choose sequins and rhinestones, which will make the design shine. For everyday outings, they most often prefer rubbing or special powder, which gives the nails a slight shimmer. Considering the varieties of techniques, it can be noted that negative space, service french, minimalist design and geometric shapes are in fashion this summer.

White and black manicure

The classic design of marigolds using contrasting white and black colors looks irresistible and charming in any of its manifestations on marigolds. Such a design will always be in the spotlight and will highlight the graceful sense of taste of its owner. French manicure, light patterns, romantic lace, graceful geometry – this is just a small part of all kinds of design ideas using this color scheme.

White and red design

An elegant white and red combination is considered one of the trendy ideas for summer design 2021. Just imagine how elegant red patterns or designs look on a sophisticated white base. The manicure looks very beautiful with the addition of red décor on a contrasting white base. Feel free to design nails in color-block or abstraction style. This manicure is simply irreplaceable when creating a charming and luxurious evening look.

White and pink manicure

What could be softer than a combination of white and pink colors on the nails? This combination looks incredibly romantic and charming. In the summer of 2021, a gradient transition from one color to another is considered a real trend. When creating a delicate and airy look, you can accentuate several nails with pink. For modest girls, this manicure will be a real boon in the 2021 summer season.

White glitter manicure

For some girls, white manicure may seem concise and boring. To remedy this situation, manicure masters propose the use of sequins in the summer design of 2021. The décor is most often used in silver and golden colors. For a brighter effect, choose multi-colored glitter. You can decorate the entire nail with the décor, make a smooth gradient scattering of glitter, or make graceful patterns on the nail plate. Any of the proposed options will fill the female image with charm and showiness.

White manicure with design

White-colored nails are a kind of canvas for making masterpieces. In addition, the classic color harmonizes perfectly with other shades, which allows you to create a variety of designs. A romantic and very delicate nail art is obtained by performing a gradient coating using any shade you like. Most often, in this case, pastel colors are used, which will not focus on themselves, but will leave white as the main color. For important and special occasions, decorate the design with rhinestones or sparkles.

In the summer of 2021, special attention is paid to the marble style. Thin, airy lines imitating natural stone will create an elegant and irresistible effect. With regards to décor, scotch tape, pixie crystals or acrylic sand are very often used. It is very important to use additional décor in moderation so as not to spoil or overload the modern summer design.

It is impossible not to note the floral designs that look charming against the white background. Bright large flower arrangements or small neutral buds are all very fashionable in the summer of 2021. Regardless of the chosen design, white manicure will look unsurpassed and sophisticated.

White on short nails

As you know, short marigolds are especially popular in the summer of 2021. This trend is quite justified, because with a minimum length it is much easier to cope with everyday worries. White manicure on such nails looks especially gentle, graceful and modest. Look for combinations with pastels and nude tones, or glitter or sophisticated designs.

Long nails manicure

Despite the trend of naturalness, long nails have a number of their fans. On such a nail plate, you can safely apply any design and decorate it with various décor. It is worth trying to apply several techniques at once in one design. White manicure on long nails with a matte finish deserves special attention. A stylish summer solution in 2021 was the implementation of a white manicure with neon drawings or abstract images.

You can see that white manicure can look different. An important role is played not only by the chosen design, but also by additional elements of nail art. Choose any of the white manicure options and win the attention of others!

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