Purple manicure with rhinestones stylish ideas for every day

TOP 5 chic ideas for purple manicure with rhinestones

Purple is a great alternative to a too bright and not always appropriate black shade. Purple looks softer and more delicate, looks great in casual and solemn looks. A purple manicure can be complemented by such stylish décor as rhinestones, broths, foil, craquelure, glitter, etc.

Purple is the color most commonly used in spring and summer looks. This is a feminine and delicate shade, which is complemented by floristry, geometry, abstraction. French manicure in purple looks interesting and unusual. Violet is in perfect harmony with its many shades, for example, lilac, lilac, purple, violet. In the nail industry and floristry, a combination of purple and yellow is often used. These two opposite shades create an amazingly beautiful color effect. In manicure, yellow and purple are used in a gradient and monochromatic technique.

Purple manicure with rhinestones 2021: stylish ideas for every day

Most dark shades require additional shiny decor. We are talking about black, burgundy, dark blue, emerald, purple. Sequins and rhinestones bring a solemn touch to the nail design. The variety of brilliant decor allows you to create dozens of interesting options for stylish manicure.

The rich purple color, despite its brightness, looks quite strict and restrained. That is why the appropriate laconic decor is selected under the purple background. If you have chosen rhinestones as the main design, then it is better to place them in the form of an inlay of one of the marigolds, highlight the root zone with stones, and perform simple geometry.

As for the color of the stones, black, purple, burgundy rhinestones look beautiful on a dark purple background. Silver rhinestones are no less relevant, which, as you know, look stylish with absolutely any shade of gel polish.

# 1 Solid Purple Rhinestone Manicure

Monochrome manicure can be done in both glossy and matte textures. The color looks so gorgeous on the nails that it practically does not need additional decor. Solid nail art is in trend today, so you won’t go wrong if you create a spectacular purple manicure using this technique.

Rhinestones, broths, stones are best placed in the root zone in the form of a hole, triangle, wave. If we are talking about solemn nail art, then the best option would be a manicure with inlaid ring finger with rhinestones, broths, stones. Such a manicure looks impressive and restrained at the same time.

# 2 Purple manicure with rhinestones inlaid

Until recently, inlay was considered an exclusively solemn technique of manicure. The abundance of stones and rhinestones on the nails in everyday looks was puzzling. Today, girls are loyal to even the most unusual ways of decorating marigolds.

Inlay can be present in both solemn and everyday looks. Nails completely covered with rhinestones undoubtedly look spectacular, however, in terms of comfortable wear, such decor is inferior to monochromatic nail art. If you want the inlay to last for a long time on the nails, then use not a transparent top for the design, but a special glue. This will allow the rhinestones to stay on the nails longer and not fall off upon contact with an aggressive environment.

# 3 Purple glitter and rhinestone manicure

The neighborhood of sparkles and rhinestones looks stylish and impressive, provided that the material is correctly located on the nails and does not fill all their space. It is worth remembering that the purple color visually looks bright and rich, so there should be a minimum of shiny décor.

A stylish everyday solution is to cover one of the nails with silver glitter and decorate other nails with rhinestones. A solemn manicure looks spectacular, in which rhinestones are located on a shiny background made of glitter or rubbing.

If you have just started to master shiny décor, then use gel polishes with the addition of glitter, shimmer and other shiny textures. This will help you immediately create a shiny manicure with sparkling granules and add rhinestones or broths to it. In the photo below, you can see examples of such a simple and stylish nail design.

# 4 Gradient purple rhinestone manicure

Purple looks great in gradient technique. It is shaded much softer than black, and is in perfect harmony with light and dark tones. If you want to create a discreet and effective nail design, then combine purple with pink or burgundy shades. Place rhinestones on the ring finger in the form of a wave, simple geometry, layouts of stones and broths.

In spring and summer looks, ombre manicure with purple and yellow shades looks great. This cheerful and luscious nail design will perfectly match the look with a sundress, denim shorts and other summer clothes. Rhinestones in such a manicure will not hurt either. From stones, you can create stars, hearts, highlight floristry or geometry with them.

# 5 Purple manicure with rubbing and with rhinestones

Pearl, mirror, holographic rubbing looks great on a dark background. Purple is no exception. The rubbed design fits into solemn and everyday images, it can be used not only on a dark purple background, but also on lilac, lilac, purple.

For light purple shades, we recommend using pearl rub. It softens the color, makes the nails neater and more feminine. As for rhinestones, it is better to use them to a minimum. In some cases, three stones in the root zone of the ring finger are sufficient. You can see an example of such a manicure below.

When creating a manicure in which several textures are present at once, always focus on the minimalism style. If you use rubbing on several fingers, then under the decor with rhinestones, select only one nail on your hand.

Purple is completely underestimated by girls. The shade really looks rich and bright, so they are afraid to choose it as the main background. If you are afraid that purple manicure will not fit into your image, then follow the simple recommendation of stylists – use clothes or accessories in the design of which purple or its shades are present. This way your look will always look elegant and stylish.

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