Celebrities who wear tracksuits everywhere athleisure style

The time of the Queen of Glamour Paris Hilton, who walked in high heels and in an extreme mini even to the store, has long sunk into oblivion. Now celebrities choose comfort. And what could be more convenient than the athleisure style? He will clearly leave the list of stellar trends still very, very soon.

The style of sports leisure is all that is needed for sports. They are worn on walks with friends, at parties and even at work. Stars are no exception. They buy the worst, lightest and sneakers. Moreover, crime against fashion is no longer considered a crime. We found out which celebrity is a true fan of tracksuits.

Jared Leto



“I will put on the best of everything at once” is about the style of the actor and frontman of the 30 Seconds to Mars group, Jared Leto, who loves to wear bright tracksuits and complement them with colorful capes, colorful scarves and other catchy accessories. We love his images for deliberate luxury and light madness. Sometimes Jared, of course, can be found in plain hoodies and sweatpants, but they say once a year a stick shoots.

Hailey Rhode Bieber

American model Hailey Rhode Bieber is a true fitness fan, and this love is also evident in the girl’s everyday style. Justin Bieber’s wife prefers to go out in sportswear and, I must say, in her tight leggings and short T-shirts an athletic star is simply impossible good!

Gigi Hadid


Loose tracksuits, sweatshirts, leggings, sneakers and sunglasses – something like that in the view of American supermodel Gigi Hadid looks like a wardrobe for an ideal weekend. The model regularly delights the public with her street style bows and even chose the athleisure style to celebrate her birthday last year.

Kim Kardashian

Many believe that it was Kim Kardashian who spread the sporting style to the masses. The American socialite skillfully combines the incongruous: a short top, loose sweatpants and elegant ankle boots are a perfectly normal bow to go shopping, says Kim. She can easily go shopping in an oversize sweatshirt, tight-fitting training shorts and graceful sandals. Mad, you say? Trendsetter, we will answer.


Surprisingly, one of the most moody mods on the planet Kanye West just loves to go in sportswear from head to toe in the same color. Moreover, the most ordinary plain sweatshirts and baggy pants, in which the spouse Kim Kardashian appears in public, then are sold out in a matter of hours. You might think that Kanye is still an ascetic, but then it turns out that a simple white rapper t-shirt is woven from the rarest Egyptian cotton. True, sometimes, in the mood of the West, he wears acid windbreakers and bright hoodies – it is not always the same to be true to only the basic colors.




In athleisure style clothing, singer Rihanna feels like a fish in water. A tracksuit can even replace an evening gown, she said. And if oversized sweatshirts and hoodies have become a trend, then why not combine them and don them for any reason? And to add an image of originality, the Barbados diva boldly shoes in graceful boats.


The figure of the American supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski is envied by girls around the world, and men call her body the sexiest in Hollywood. Emily, however, although she prefers a sporty style in everyday life, is not in a hurry to bare or fit her buttocks with ultra-narrow leggings. She relies on comfort and chooses loose fit clothing – sweatshirts, sweatshirts and puffer jackets.


Kendall Jenner

It’s hard to think of things more convenient than sweatpants and sweatshirts, the American supermodel Kendall Jenner is sure. Her street style chronicles are full of laconic fitness looks – Kendall wears plain sports items, often black. It must be said that on her stunning figure and long legs, tight leggings look perfect. The model adheres to an active lifestyle, therefore, wears them not only in the hall, but also as a basic wardrobe.

Cara Delevingne

British model and actress Cara Delevingne loves to flaunt in extremely wide sweatshirts and sweatpants, in which you can not even see the outlines of her figure. And cumbersome sneakers and sneakers complete these images. In such clothes she is often not only not recognized, but also mistaken for a kid – take a look for yourself! It is unlikely that having met Kara on the street in such a bow, you would have understood that before you is the muse of many famous couturiers.


But Karl Lagerfeld believed that if a person wears a tracksuit every day, it means that he is not all right in life



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