Choosing a Jacket For All Occasions
Choosing a Jacket For All Occasions

Choosing a Jacket For All Occasions!

A jacket is rightfully called a universal piece of clothing. Although, some of us mistakenly believe that it should be worn exclusively for the office or for official events.

However, experienced women of fashion and trendsetters are of a different opinion. They are confident that the jacket can be worn almost all year round and almost everywhere. The main thing is to correctly combine and complement with accessories.

Casual style

A jacket can help you out perfectly if you have to go to the theater, restaurant and other special events. Suppose in your wardrobe you have a classic-cut jacket in navy, dark gray, or black. To avoid the formation of a dry and overly formal look, change the existing buttons for large and elegant, more reminiscent of jewelry items. Find the right brooch design.

If you were unable to find a brooch, don’t be discouraged. Complement the jacket with a low-cut top made of velvet, chiffon (always on the cover), lace, material with sequins.


A set of evening decorations in combination with a jacket will allow you to attend even a very high level event.

A jacket made of such elegant fabrics as silk, velvet, satin, taffeta is self-sufficient, it does not need to be supplemented with anything.

To the office

If you want to look stylish and correct at work, as well as be branded as an employee for whom a career plays a big role, then you definitely cannot do without a jacket. You can combine it with a shirt-cut blouse, a thin sweater with a round or V-neck, a pencil skirt, and straight trousers. The combination of a blazer and classic blue jeans will add style.

Denim blazers

A denim jacket, unlike a classic one, is a versatile and practical thing. Denim jackets delight with their strength and durability. This material is not so expensive, so denim jackets are available for both young girls and adult women. And they are combined with almost all things from your wardrobe, due to the variety of colors and interesting textures. For the first time, denim jackets came into fashion at the suggestion of Strauss.


The first models outwardly resembled a blouse made of durable fabric with reinforced seams. The first blazers were not created specifically for men or women, this wardrobe item was immediately conceived in a unisex style. The structure of the denim jacket is very durable and comfortable. It can be worn to work or school, to the theater, for a walk with friends or a social event.


Timeless classics are always in trend. Classic denim jackets are also often decorated with bulky patch pockets, snap fasteners, and a stand-up collar. A simple jacket with a lapel collar and a classic V-neck will look great. Such a classic can quite successfully replace a woolen or cotton jacket.


One of the most popular models among young girls is the cropped jacket. Some jackets are made so short that they can be called denim boleros. Such models focus on the waist, so if yours is far from ideal, it is better to avoid cropped jackets. Also in trend and models with short sleeves. They are lighter and perfect for summer looks.


Long denim jackets, on the contrary, help to hide all figure flaws. They visually stretch the silhouette, making you slimmer due to the dense fabric and length.


Sitting down jackets outwardly resemble classic models. They work well for creating romantic bows and go well with dresses and light skirts. If you want to draw attention to a thin waist and sexy hips – choose this particular model.


Denim jackets with a hood

In addition to the collar and patch pockets, denim jackets are sometimes complemented with hoods. This gives the look of ease, so this type of jacket will easily fit into a youth or sports bow.


Color solutions

Previously, the only color scheme was blue denim jackets. Denim ranged from deep blue to washed blue. But now brighter options for jackets are also coming into fashion. This season, monochrome classics and neon shades are relevant.

White Jacket

Light white blazers look very fresh. Usually tight girls try to avoid light colors, since white visually makes the figure more voluminous. This color is best for summer, blending in with light looks with chiffon sundresses and short shorts. In addition, such a distinctive wardrobe item will look great in a business look.

Blue Jacket

The classic blue color is a sure-fire option that fits perfectly into any bow. Such a jacket can be worn both for a daily walk and for a business meeting.


Black Jacket

Black denim jackets are the closest to the classics. They look as strict and restrained as possible.

Red Jacket

Rich shades of red are the perfect complement to your club look. To stand out from the crowd, choose a raspberry, pink or coral jacket with rhinestones or interesting stripes.

How to decorate

Designers very often complement their creations with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery and interesting stripes. But the women of fashion themselves are not lagging behind, showing creativity and complementing simple classic models with interesting decor. Try to complement your loose-fitting blazer with interesting patches. In specialized stores, quite interesting accessories are also sold, which can also be used to decorate simple denim. These can be rivets, chains, rhinestones and other small details.

What to wear with ?

A light denim jacket can complement any look in a winning way.


For a stylish casual look, wear classic shirts, T-shirts or T-shirts underneath the bottom, combined with jeans of any shade. It is not necessary for the fabric of the jacket to match the color of the pants. They can be either lighter or darker. A jacket thrown over a sundress, dress or a combination of a top with a skirt over the knee or even to the floor looks romantic.

The perfect combination of a denim jacket with jeans. To make such a tandem look more interesting, choose things that are unlike each other, for example, a classic blue jacket and white ripped pants in addition to it. If you want to look feminine, choose shoes with heels or platforms, such as bright shoes or sandals, for this look. Real girls can emphasize their femininity and elegance by wearing a cute light-colored lace dress under a denim jacket. Pink pumps, which most girls dream of since childhood, will fit perfectly into this bow.

For summer, you can wear a blazer over a lightweight overalls or shorts paired with a T-shirt or T-shirt. Overalls are in trend this season, both short and long-leg. The choice of fabric also does not matter – with a denim jacket, both thin chiffon and dense cotton or denim look good.

You can buy yourself a white denim jacket, devoid of decorative elements. Wear light dresses or skirts under this jacket. A good option is a nautical-themed dress. White top and bottom with blue and white stripes, even on routine everyday life, will evoke thoughts of vacation and the sea. A variety of models of denim jackets allows you to find the perfect fit for yourself. Choose a product that fits exactly to your figure and fits perfectly into your style, do not forget about the quality and durability of the fittings, and a classic denim jacket will definitely become one of your favorite things in your wardrobe.


Can a jacket be worn with jeans?

Certainly! The casual style welcomes the tandem of a jacket and jeans. The versatile outfit captivates with its convenience and suits both women and men.

Women’s jackets for jeans can be in any style and, if you choose them correctly, any figure will noticeably change.

It is interesting to note that for the first time jeans and a jacket were brought to the catwalks by Giorgio Armani. This allowed him to become the founder of this style. T-shirt, jacket, jeans – what could be better?

Today it is available to buy different jackets for jeans. The market offers interesting, attractive designs that stand out both in the variety of fabrics and in color. Made from fine knit or denser fabric. Plain, with a floral pattern, in a cage, as well as other original design solutions.


Create your own unique look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – buy yourself a cool jacket and jeans. Very fashionable outfit, stylish and practical. For everyday wear – a great solution. Perfect for a business style that will emphasize a shirt or blouse. You can use the top to create a brighter look. But watch out for the harmony of the combination of the chosen things. There should always be its own “zest”!

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