Blake Lively
Blake Lively

Power in hair Celebrities who never got their hair cut short

Considering how often celebrities experiment with their looks, it’s even strange that we haven’t seen some of them with a laconic bob or pixie.

While we do not have time to track the changes in the appearance of some celebrities, others seem to be afraid to touch their curls with scissors and, if they change their image, it is solely for the sake of filming (and after that they throw the wig cap into the air).

Blake Lively.

Like King Solomon, the actress considers her hair to be her strength and finds peace in it. We didn’t come up with this ourselves, as she said in Hello! Magazine.

“Actually, I am very modest, but when my hair covers me, it becomes easier. Yes, sometimes stylists put their hair in buns, but I’m uncomfortable, ”says Blake Lively.

Short hair could only be seen in the movies. For example, in the thriller Rhythm Section, her heroine is trying to catch the trail of a very bad Islamic group, therefore, to disguise herself, she tries on several wigs of various shades.


Sofia Vergara.

We saw the Colombian-American actress with both her native dark hair and bleached hair, but we didn’t see any short versions of her. Moreover, Sofia hardly makes bunches that would hide her wonderful curls. Perhaps Sofia, who starred in the American Family series for 11 years, had a contract, according to which she had no right to change her beloved look. The show, by the way, ended in April this year. Is it time for a change?

Gisele Bündchen.

Hostages of catwalk and catalog standardized images, models generally rarely change their image. But stars like Giselle are allowed to experiment with their looks. Naomi Campbell comes out with a new wig at various parties, so why not try Giselle?

Probably, the Brazilian is so used to the found form of success that she does not want to try to find something fresh. But her pictures can always illustrate material about careless waves in the style of “surfer girl” and highlights, reminiscent of sun-bleached hair. Only at the beginning of her career, the girl did the unthinkable – she cut her curls to her shoulders. However, after that, no more intrigues took place


Emily Ratajkowski.

The girl who became more famous by filming without clothes than with her has not changed her length for years. Even after changing (finally!) The hair color to quarantine, she still did not experiment with the length. However, short-haired Emily can often be seen on the red carpet. The main thing is not to forget that these are all skillfully selected wigs.

Amber Heard.

Former Johnny Depp experiments only with shades of blond, but strongly disagrees to cut herself. The beauty does not comment on her unwillingness to have a haircut “like a boy.” The most we saw on her is a shoulder-length haircut or hairstyles that create the illusion of short hair. Looks good, right?

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