unusual and stylish alarms clocks

5 most unusual and stylish alarms clocks

The working day of modern man begins with an alarm clocks, and everyone experiences a subconscious hatred for this sonorous fugitive.

However, even with him, waking up in the morning is excruciatingly difficult, and inventors around the world are trying to make the awakening process as interesting and effective as possible. Alarm clock – an important part of the interior, but because it must match the style of its owner. If you like chrome, speed and mighty roar engine, then this handsome man will have to come in handy.

Motorbike Alarm Clock

unusual and stylish alarms clocks

Runaway alarm clock

unusual and stylish alarms clocks

It’s worth the alarm clock to start ringing, how do you turn it off on the machine and continue to sleep on? Now this problem is in the past: alarm clock-alarmist from Houseen not only calls, but also actively escapes from its owner, and to disconnect it willy-nilly will have to get out of bed.

Mirror alarm clock

unusual and stylish alarms clocks

The company Pawaca decided to take care of the girls, turning a multi-function alarm clock with a LED-display into a miniature mirror, which you can use when you need it. Stylish, practical, convenient – all that is needed in the hectic labor days.

Holographic alarm clock

unusual and stylish alarms clocks

Love high-tech and modern technology? Well, you can stand out even with an unusual alarm clock. Decdeal has developed a gadget that not only displays time on the scoreboard, but also projects it onto any flat surface using a special projector.

Vintage alarm clock

unusual and stylish alarms clocks

Do you like decorating an apartment with vintage items? Then this alarm clock with a classic set of cards instead of an electronic dial and a familiar “snapping” sound will be an excellent addition to the collection


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