What is the role of art in human life

What is the role of art in human life?

The role of art in human life: what the world of beauty is preparing for us. Why do you need art? What is real art? The role and importance of art in human life.

What is the role of art in human life?

Art is, perhaps, one of the most important areas of human life. It gave us a great variety of beautiful eternal creations: graceful music, majestic masterpieces of architecture, thoughtful books and much, much more. In my opinion, the influence of art on the history of mankind in general and the human soul in particular is truly enormous. Confirmation of this can be found not only in Russian, but also in all world literature.

For example, O. Henry, in his story “The Pharaoh and the Chorale,” tells us about the New York beggar Soopi. This degraded, immoral man pursues one single goal – to go to prison in order to spend the winter in warmth and comfort, without doing anything. For the sake of realizing his plan, Sopi commits many dubious acts: stealing, brawling and debauchery, but the doors of the cherished prison remain closed to him.


Already completely desperate, the main character suddenly hears the sounds of a chant coming from the church. The music strikes Soopy to the core, the shameless vagabond realizes how low he has fallen. A new beginning is born in his soul, which encourages him to take the right path. He is reborn and firmly decides to start life from scratch. The power of art is truly limitless, because only a melody can transform a person beyond recognition.

Art contains a great power that can not only raise a person to the height of bliss, making him better, but also overthrow him, turning him to dust. It all depends on the personality itself and its willingness to heed the call of beauty that heals the world. She plays on the strings of the human soul, controlling us, tuning and upsetting us, like an instrument, which is why the results of creative efforts occupy an important place in the life of each of us.


Art has existed since ancient times.

It accompanied man throughout his entire existence. The first manifestations of art were very primitive drawings on the walls of caves, made by primitive people. Even then, when every day it was necessary to fight for one’s life, a person was drawn to art, even then love for the beautiful was manifested.


There are many different types of art in our time. These are literature, musical and visual arts, etc. Now the natural human talent is combined with the latest technologies, creating fundamentally new trends in art. Of course, earlier there were no such opportunities as in our time, but each artist strove to come up with something special, to contribute to the development of this type of art.

And yet, why do we attach such great importance to art? What role does it play in a person’s life? The figurative recreation of reality creates our personality. Cultural and spiritual development has a great impact on our lives. Indeed, in most cases people are judged not by their appearance, but by what they have inside. A person with a very unattractive appearance can turn out to be beautiful if you just get to know him better. Comprehensively developed, spiritually rich people have always aroused the interest of those around them, it is interesting and pleasant to communicate with them. We all have to develop, improve ourselves, and art helps us in this difficult task. It helps to better know the world around us and ourselves.


Self-knowledge is one of the most important stages in the formation of a human personality. Art is often a way to assert yourself, to say something to the whole world. It is like a message to the future, a kind of appeal to the people. Each work of art has its own purpose: to acquaint, teach, induce thought. Art requires understanding. Thoughtless contemplation of paintings or reading books of great masters does not make any sense. You need to understand what exactly the artist wanted to say, for what purpose this or that creation appeared. Only under this condition will art fulfill its task, teach us something.

It is often said that in our time people have almost ceased to be interested in art. I believe that this is not the case. Times change, generations change. Views and tastes do not remain unchanged either. But there are topics that will be relevant at all times. Of course, our society attaches more importance to material enrichment than spiritual enrichment. But this does not mean that people do not pay attention to cultural life, do not appreciate art. We must not forget about art, because it plays an important role in our life.

The role of art in human life: what the world of beauty is preparing for us

No matter how complex and unpredictable our life is, there are always moments and events that decorate it and make it beautiful. We always try to strive for the best, for something good. Living, loving, doing something useful for oneself and society is wonderful. The role of art in a person’s life is as important as life itself. Everything that surrounds us is a kind of art.


Even in ancient times, our ancestors tried to depict on the walls, pieces of skin, stones some pictures, events of their lives, battles, hunting. In those days, they did not even suspect that their attempts would bring a lot of new knowledge for humanity in the future. Their sculptures, utensils, weapons, clothing are of great importance, thanks to these findings, we know the history of the development of our ancestors. Then they had no idea that everything they do is art, and that the role of art in human life will be very great.

The formation of personality, cultural development, morality is facilitated by different directions of art (the essence of which is to show and teach the real and beautiful world). With the help of works of art, music, poetry of professionals and amateurs, we can learn the aesthetic perception of our world. Therefore, the role of art in human life is simply enormous!

Painters, sculptors, poets, musicians and every person who tries to convey with their creativity their perception and vision of something special that surrounds us, occupies an important place in the cultural development of mankind. Even a small child, having made his first drawing, applique or craft, has already to some extent touched the world of art. At an older age, as a teenager, his tastes are formed in the choice of style of clothing, preferences in music, books and his perception of life. Worldview and aesthetic taste are built into a logical chain in direct communication with works of art, but only personal assessment influences the choice and formation of taste. Therefore, it is necessary to face the art world and real masterpieces more often.


The role of art in human life is so great that, once having mastered the habit of visiting museums and art galleries, reading interesting books, poetry, you will want to touch the spiritual and historical world, meet new and interesting people, get to know the artistic creations of other nations, get acquainted with their history and culture. All this brings variety and bright colors to our life, contributes to the desire to live better and more interesting. There is a lot of spiritual wealth around us and the role of art in the modern world is not the last. Having touched the beautiful, a person tries to bring as many beautiful things as possible into his life, strives for the perfection of his body and speech, correct behavior and communication with other people. Studying and communicating with art, there is a desire to invent something new and original, I want to create and invent.

Art prevails not only in paintings and sculptures, it exists everywhere: in cooking, apartment design, furniture, dishes, some little things and much more, in everything that surrounds us. From childhood, in the formation of taste and preferences, the importance of art in human life becomes clear. It never gets old, it has always been, is and will be interesting for the study and cognition of humanity. Only through art can we share our feelings, experiences with people and leave our mark on history. The main thing is the desire to create, treat everything with respect and move forward towards your goal! Then the future will always be completely in your hands! And life will become more beautiful and more fun.

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