Truck-bullet and super fast sport car: that showed Tesla

The company Tesla held a presentation of its first electric truck, called Semi.

Speaking about his new invention, the head of the company Elon Musk noted that at present many waggons resemble barns, while Tesla Semi is designed as a bullet. In addition, Elon Musk presented to the public and an updated light model – all-wheel drive sports car Roadster.


One of the most anticipated novelties, perhaps, was the electric truck Tesla. It is reported that the electric truck received four independent electric motors – one for each of the rear wheels, a battery pack located under the driver’s cab floor. The power reserve of the truck with fully charged batteries is 500 miles or 804 km. For comparison, on one tank, diesel trucks can drive up to 994 miles (1600 km). However, according to the calculations of Mask, delivery of goods to Tesla Semi will cost less than diesel analogues: $ 1.26 per mile versus $ 1.51 for fuel trucks. For a route of 400 miles (650 km), the new truck will need only 30 minutes of charging.

In Tesla also assure that the truck received excellent aerodynamic characteristics. The Twitter company reported that they are almost better than the Bugatti Chiron. To accelerate to the “hundred” Tesla Semi it takes 5 seconds, with a fully loaded van it takes 20 seconds (the electric truck is able to carry up to 79366 lbs of cargo 36000 kg).

Unusually designed cabin of the truck – the driver’s seat is placed in the center of the cabin. On the left and right hand from the steering wheel there are two touch screens: one will display the controls of the car, the second will display the information of the navigation systems. Judging by the images, the sleeper in the cockpit is not provided. The company notes that first of all they tried to make the most spacious saloon possible.

It is known that the wagon also received the last semi-autonomous Tesla driving system. The car will be able to independently keep in the lane, rebuild, as well as change the trajectory of traffic without human intervention. The start of production of new Tesla Semi trucks is scheduled for 2019. By 2020, as suggested by the company, electrofura will become fully autonomous.

Another novelty presented by the company was the new generation Roadster sports car. In his speech, the head of Tesla Elon Musk said that he wants the new generation of roadster to be the last nail in the coffin of vehicles with internal combustion engines, Carscoops notes. To promote this, in all likelihood, the high performance of the sports car should. Note that the characteristics of the Roadster are indeed more than impressive.

In the movement, the updated Tesla Roadster is driven by three electric motors giving out 10,000 Nm !! of the torque. Other technical characteristics of the units are not given, but it is known that they are powered by batteries with a capacity of 250 kilowatt-hours. The maximum speed of the car is limited to 258 miles (400 km / h). To accelerate to 59 miles (96 km / h), the car will need only 1.9 seconds, a mark of 99 miles (160 km / h) the updated roadster will overcome in 4.2 seconds, and a quarter of a mile the sports car will overcome in 8.8 seconds. In Tesla they say that on one charge, an all-wheel drive car can drive up to 621 miles (1000 km).

Interestingly, but despite the inherent in the name belonging to roadsters, the Tesla Roadster is designed for four passengers. On the electronic filling of the new sports car has not yet been reported, it is known only that the Roadster will receive a transparent convertible top.

It is assumed that first Tesla will release only 1000 sports car. For the right to own one of these cars will have to pay a deposit of $ 50,000 dollars. The first cars are expected to be delivered to their owners already in 2020. The cost of the initial version of Tesla Roadster will start from $200 thousand

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