Luxury aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace

<h2>Two new jets luxury aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace – G500 and G600 – more, faster and better than their predecessors, responding to the trends of the time </h2>

Luxury aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream Aerospace g500 g600

The company introduced two luxury aircraft at once – Gulfstream Aerospace G500 and G600. The flagship fuselage G650 will replace the new form factor. The cross-section of the “pipe” (2.41 x 1.93 m) will be comparable with the Global line. New “Gulf Streams” will inherit from the flagship huge oval portholes and a supercharging system. They also have to bring to the market an electro-remote control system with unique “active” joysticks.

Unlike other luxury aircraft (for example, ACJ, Falcon 7X and Legacy 500), where both joysticks move freely and independently of each other, here the actions of one pilot are transmitted physically: the second joystick also moves, as if connected to the first one in a chain. For Gulfstream, this solution is a novelty, because the G650 has traditional steering wheels, despite the presence of EMF (Electrodistant control system). Another innovation will be four touch screens in the cockpit to control the settings of equipment.

As for the salon, the two new jets will be almost the same as the flagship model. Style, ergonomics, management of all functions from the smartphone, huge portholes, seats with electric drive and massage – everything, like the G650. Even according to technical characteristics and cost, these models do not lag far behind the most perfect jet for today: the range of the flight is 9260 km from the G500 and 11 480 km – the G600 allows you to plan ultra-long routes. Pay the same for new cars offer $ 43.5 and 54.5 million respectively.

Although Gulfstream claims to continue production of the G450 and G550, the new models will likely drive many buyers. While in the light and medium segment is stagnant, larger aircraft are getting bigger, faster and better. The G500 and G600 serve as a confirmation.

Luxury aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream Aerospace g500 g600

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