Simple Ideas For An Original Interior

Simple Ideas For An Original Interior

Each owner wants his apartment to look as impressive as possible without spending extra money. Some techniques will allow you to give originality without much cost.

So a child’s room can be decorated with a chest of drawers, the drawers of which are painted in different colors – you can paint both the front surfaces and only the sidewalls – for a more restrained interior.

A wall-mounted flat TV will look more elegant when framed with a matching baguette.

To add a sense of extra height to a room with a low ceiling, wall decoration in proportions 2/3 will allow, when the upper third remains white – to match the color of the ceiling covering.

Volume can be added to small windows using a curved cornice – the visual effect will make the window openings larger.


Correctly selected vinyl stickers will help to add a zest to the monotonous interior – such wall decor can set the right mood.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the possibility of hiding unsightly elements – television cords can be hidden in the curtain rod tube, and open shelves can be decorated with pretty curtains.

Any room will be brightened by compact curtains that are attached directly to the window frames – a relatively small cut of diaper will be enough to decorate the window.

The standard boring ventilation grill can be replaced with a decorative one that matches the overall spirit of the interior.

Even in such a utilitarian room as a bathroom, there is a place for delights – a cake stand can be used as an organizer for cosmetics, and a shower curtain is effectively decorated with bows attached to its rings.

The cornice installed above the bed can transform the bedroom – the curtains hung on it look like a real canopy.

Unused necklaces and necklaces will become a luxurious version of curtain tiebacks.


Using strips of fabric of different colors as curtains will diversify the decor and color it to your liking.

Mirror surfaces located on the doors will help to expand the tight space.

An old refrigerator will be transformed if it is pasted over with self-adhesive film or strips of colored tape.

Braids, puffs and a variety of pleats will add sophistication to even the simplest curtains.

When placing the carpet in the bedroom, it should be borne in mind that its area should completely cover the perimeter of the bed and bedside tables, or be spaced from the headboard by the width of the pillows and bedside furniture.

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