Own villa on a desert island

The cost of villas starts from $ 3 000 000. Villas are sold on a renewable lease

The Soneva Group represents the sale of a collection of private residences at its new resort on Maldives – Soneva Jani. The resort is located in a 5.6 km long lagoon, with crystal clear water and a luring view of the Indian Ocean.

The new resort is located on the island of Maldives (Nuunu Atoll). The island is surrounded by unspoilt beaches and covered with tropical vegetation.

The hotel Soneva Jani has 24 villas on the water and 1 villa on the beach, with the prospect of further construction of additional villas. Each of the residences on the water is equipped with a swimming pool, and in some of them there are slides on which you can descend from the roof of the villa directly into the water. A distinctive feature of villas on the water is the sliding roofs in the main bedroom. Pressing the button, the ceiling in the room moves apart, and before the eyes of the hosts an incredible view of the starry sky opens.

“Soneva Jani is an attractive resort for those who can enjoy simple joys like walking on the beach barefoot, swimming in turquoise water. And the high standards of service, the excellent choice of food and wines, the developed infrastructure for the whole family make Soneva Jani exactly the place where you want to buy your own second home, “says Marco Bonini, Soneva Sales Director.

The creators of Soneva sought to minimize the harmful impact on the environment during the construction of the resort. The pools use sea water with the UV filtering system, and the villas are built on the sandy part of the lagoon and do not harm the surrounding reefs. Center Eco Centro Waste-to-Wealth provides processing of waste at the resort, and organic gardens Soneva supply the resort restaurants with fresh products. In a word, bringing Soneva Jani closer to the title of a paradise resort on earth.

Residences can be a good investment in terms of subsequent rent: the cost of living in villas ranges from $1,800 to $30,000 per night. Owners of residences can take advantage of a special program for leasing real estate and expect an annual income of about 4.2% in the first 10 years (depending on how often the owner himself will rest in the villa). The resort is located 35 minutes by seaplane from Velana International Airport known as Malé International Airport or 12 minutes by speed boat from the nearest Dharavandhoo Airport.

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