What does an apartment in the most expensive skyscraper look like?

most expensive skyscraper in New York look like

$ 100 million  for a view of Manhattan from the 75-story high-rise One57, located on 57th Street in New York, was the tallest skyscraper in the city at the time of completion in 2012, and this is not her only record.

$ 100,471,452 – for this amount, bought a two-story penthouse in this house multi-billionaire Michael Dell, the founder of the computer corporation Dell. Thus, the absolute maximum ever paid for an apartment in Manhattan was beaten.

From the 61st floor of the skyscraper you can see the entire Central Park, the buildings of Midtown and Upper Manhattan. No lower floors of the skyscraper are located Park Hyatt. It is impossible to get to the other floors without knowing any of the tenants.

most expensive skyscraper in New York look like

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