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Fashionable matte manicure: the most beautiful summer trends

The modern design of manicure is so multifaceted and diverse that sometimes it is difficult to make a choice and find the very ideal option that will not only become the final note of the whole image, but also reflect the inner world and the mood of the young lady to the maximum. Each new season, nail designers replenish the piggy bank of already well-known manicure techniques with interesting novelties and offer young ladies amazing masterpieces that become popular to one degree or another. Also, along with newfangled ideas, there are little tricks in nail art that allow you to create incredibly beautiful designs. Today we have devoted our material to matte manicure, and below we will tell you all about the trendy ideas for summer of this amazing design.

Fashion trends

Summer matte marigolds this season are an abundance of various designs, based on lighter and brighter shades, for example, turquoise, mint yellow or pink. The use of white, red, black and other colors is also encouraged. Young ladies are offered both catchy and calm, restrained options, matte manicure with a variety of patterns, décor and many different ideas that emphasize the summer mood. French, cobweb, ombre, negative space are just some of the proposals that are ready to decorate your nails. Below we propose to discuss some of the ideas in more detail.

Solid color matte manicure

Matte monochromatic manicure looks universally beautiful on nails of any length and shape. Sharp, oval, or square, it doesn’t matter. Either way, the velvet finish will look amazing. When choosing a shade, you should pay attention to light and juicy options, which are more relevant in the summer. Red, blue, green, olive, ash pink, khaki, one of the shades of the pastel or nude palette are relevant for the summer months more than ever. When creating a fashionable monochromatic design, you can simply cover each nail with the chosen shade, or you can freshen the coating a little and decorate the accent finger with a neat pattern or decorative ornament.

Summer matte french

French design is rightfully considered one of the favorite manicure options, so no season can do without its original variations. Topical ideas for a matte french for this summer are not only a traditional style of decoration. Young ladies are offered interesting combinations of shades with which you can safely experiment, and unusual smile shapes that allow you to deviate slightly from the classic style. Also, nail designers suggest combining different types of smiles on one hand in one manicure. For example, on the thumb we make out a double smile, on the index finger, a classic one, on the middle one we shift the line of the jacket from the tip to the base, decorate the nameless one with a smile both at the tip and at the base at the same time, and on the little finger we make a straight line. At the same time, it is better to use several shades that will beautifully alternate on the nails.

Stylish ombre

Velvet marigolds, like no other, are able to convey all the superiority of smooth transitions. This approach to design allows you to give free rein to imagination and use even very bright and rich shades in manicure. If you decide to use white varnish in your design, which universally complements any other shade, then opt for two coatings and accentuate the white at the tip of the nail plate. For a brighter manicure, use multiple coatings. It can be both varnishes from the same color range, and contrasting options. In this case, the transitions can be vertical or horizontal. A small accent on the ring or thumb in the form of a pattern or decorative elements will only transform your manicure.


Among summer ideas that can win the heart of even the most sophisticated young lady, an extraordinary trend has confidently stood out – the design of nail plates with a special gel called a “spider web”. The idea is to apply random, thin stripes to any color substrate or shiny backing. The matte structure in this design looks just great. Apply the selected shade to the nail plate and decorate one or two accent marigolds with a “cobweb”. You can also experiment a little and place the gel on the base with ombre transitions, with a backing of pieces of shiny foil or glitter glitter, which, together with the velvety coating on the rest of the fingers, look very impressive.

“Negative space”

Another original discovery of this summer season was the idea of ​​combining a matte finish and transparent areas in one manicure, which allows not only combining several techniques in one design, but also creating a unique and unique masterpiece that will be one of a kind. “Open” fragments can occupy most of the nail plate, combine in an original way with geometric shapes, abstraction, or select only small areas, repeating the contours of various shapes, lines or zigzags. Elements of “negative space” can be beautifully drawn with darker shades, glitter, or laid out with rhinestones. Any of the options looks very impressive.

Brush strokes

This idea, due to its unusual appearance, will please not only young ladies. Depending on the saturation of the shades involved in the creation of the manicure, this design can be a wonderful addition to the restrained image of a business woman or be a component part of a romantic bow. Typical drawings in the form of strokes can be bright and catchy, or vice versa, laconic and restrained. It all depends on your preference. For the base, you can use one of the colors used in the design of the strokes. Or you can cover the nail plates with a neutral shade, which will maximally emphasize the brightness of the drawings and will correspond to the summer mood.

Design with embellishments

No matter how gorgeous a matte manicure looks, many fashionistas have a desire to slightly transform the design and add a finishing accent to the design. Use decorative elements for these purposes and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to transform and change the overall impression of a manicure with just a few details. Matte marigolds look very beautiful with patterns of rhinestones or beads, shiny metal stripes, strokes of glitter or pieces of foil. The main thing is to harmoniously arrange the decor on the nails and not overload the design. In addition, any of the shiny elements very favorably reflects the sun’s rays, which summer indulges us in abundance.

Matte manicure with flowers

Various blooms and buds, whether it be a print on a dress, a pretty bag with flowers, an original wrist bracelet with floral elements or a hair clip in the hair, are very often a component of a woman’s image. Based on this, nail designers decided not to miss the opportunity to use this lady’s weakness in creating a manicure design. In addition, summer, which shows us the natural beauty in abundance, is the most suitable period for this. Matte marigolds work great with small neat flowers and also look beautiful with larger images. Use bright shades of varnish to decorate your drawings, add glitters at will and be always irresistible!

Summer matte manicure this season can pleasantly surprise not only lovers of bright colors, but also gentle, romantic young ladies. Fashion proposals presented by designers look like real works of art. A matte manicure is a great way to showcase your impeccable taste and attract the attention of others.

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