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How to read people

How to read people?

To carry out this practice, it is highly desirable to have clairvoyance, since it is based on it. Any meditation will be in favor, as they teach self-control and concentration. The ability to manage chakras, e...
Getting rid of karmic sins

Getting rid of karmic sins

How to pray correctly at Christmas to clear the energy of the family It happens that, sorting out the reasons for our bad luck or trying to find the source of unpleasant events, we find that the roots of our t...
Karma - actions and fate

Karma – actions and fate

The purpose of our life here on Earth is to gain the right knowledge and a new, deeper vision. If we do not take advantage of this opportunity and remain ignorant, then after death we will have to return to this world in a new body in order to cleanse ourselve...

The body is the shed light of Jyotisha

The soul is enveloped by denser living Forces that form and control our body We didn't invent our body. It naturally represents our Soul. Nature clothed the Soul so that it could be here - on Earth. The form o...
influence of Saturn, or Why do I have to wait

The influence of Saturn, or Why do I have to wait

We scold fate for what we are today, but in reality it is not a cruel fate. At the moment it is good for us to be who we are now and to mark what we have I bow before Shanishvara, whose color is dark blue, bef...
The meaning of your year of birth

The meaning of your year of birth

The last digit of the year of birth is especially significant and will tell a lot about you. It is believed that the year of your birth is predetermined from above. And the soul chooses him not by chance. The last digit of your year of birth is especially sig...

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