On taste and color: 6 most unusual restaurants

Gourmet dinner in the 21st century is not only a taste of the dish, but also the atmosphere of the establishment. They chose half a dozen of the most unusual places, where impressions are guaranteed even before the start of the meal.

In the dark. Dans le Noir, from Paris to St. Petersburg, Russia

In people deprived of sight, all other sense organs are able to distinguish such subtle nuances that are not accessible to the sight. This natural compensatory mechanism allows to “replace” the visual perception with touch, smell and hearing. You can make sure of this yourself – in the restaurants of the network Dans Le Noir, where the total darkness is simulated. First of all, this means that for those who came here for dinner, the taste buds are rebuilt for more intensive and delicate work, and even familiar dishes here “sound” in a new way. What is important: just the blind people who live in the world of sounds, tastes and smells are the waiters in these institutions. Dans Le Noir has restaurants in Paris, London, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, Russia.

In Wonderland. Alice’s Restaurant, Tokyo

 The guards are dressed in card aces, mushrooms flaunt on the walls in two human height, and instead of pillars the ceiling is supported by giant chess queens and pawns. Choose yourself where you want more – in the Looking Glass or in the rabbit hole: in Tokyo there are as many as five restaurants based on the books of Lewis Carroll. The menu in all five institutions is divided into sections “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”. European delicacies and desserts are served. There is a separate option “Mad Tea Party” (greetings to Alice from the March hare), and cocktails are also called thematically, for example, “Down the rabbit hole”.

In the clouds. Dinner in the Sky, anywhere in Europe  

Adventure for those who are not afraid of the height: the company Dinner in the Sky covers the tables on a hanging platform at a level of 50 meters above the ground. This project was thought up by the Belgians, but for a couple of years the attraction gained popularity all over the world and became available in 40 countries – there would have been only a flat territory to install a crane. Together with the guests, a cook, a waiter and an animator soar into the sky. The menu differs from country to country. In the Belgian version, for example, there are necessarily fresh oysters, the best local chocolate and selected champagne.

In the spire of a skyscraper. At. Mosphere, Dubai

Another institution for lovers of species from a bird’s eye view. This time a restaurant with walls and a roof and with panoramas of Dubai outside the window. Institution At. The mosphere, located at a record height of 495 meters above the ground, occupies the 122nd floor of the legendary Burj Khalifa tower. The menu is predominantly European cuisine: you can arrange a business breakfast, or you can have a romantic candlelight dinner. Whatever your choice, the pencils of Dubai skyscrapers far below the panoramic window you still remember more than the meal itself.

Under the water. Ithaa, Maldives

In the Maldives, you can dine with a company of sharks, rays and jellyfish that have chosen a coral reef. Ithaa restaurant at the local “Hilton” is located at a five-meter depth near one of the islands of Rangali. Its name translates as “pearl”. Walls and roofs are not here – seven tables are arranged inside the tube of a durable transparent acrylic. So wherever you look, you will see everywhere the boiling of underwater life behind the glass. The menu is international – European, oriental and local dishes. The most chic is to be here alone, and then the whole ocean will be at your disposal.

In the snow. Snow Restaurant, Finland

You all see correctly: the ceiling, walls and bas-reliefs with whales are made of compressed snow, and tables of ice. The temperature here is below zero, and the waiters work in caps, and visitors do not remove down jackets. Snow Restaurant is rebuilt every winter – inside the world’s largest snow castle Kemi near the Arctic Circle. From late January to March, you can enjoy Lapland delicacies: hot salmon soup, venison carpaccio, cloudberry desserts and cranberries. And next door there is an ice bar and a hotel with snowy interiors.

Underground. Jameos del Agua, Canary Islands

The name of the Canary Island of Lanzarott is translated as “the land of fire-breathing mountains”, and for good reason: in the 18th century, many volcanoes erupted here. The island is covered by a third with solidified lava. Here and there were preserved the caves and petrified riverbeds that had been erupted during the eruptions, through which the fiery rivers once flew. In one of these tunnels, at the foot of the sleeping volcano Monte de la Corona, on the initiative of the Canarian artist Caesar Manrique, an excursion route was opened 50 years ago.

Directly inside the cave is a tropical garden planted with natural “windows” in the ceiling, and in the neighboring caves there is a swimming pool and a concert stage with amazing acoustics. The main attraction of this nature gallery is the restaurant, where under the arches of petrified pumice they serve Spanish cuisine, including the best in Canary Tapas, Iberian jamon and the freshest seafood.

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