Psychosomatics excess weight

Psychosomatics excess weight

What lies behind overeating, extra pounds and the desire to lose weight at any cost.

Many people exhaust themselves with training and strict diets, but cannot lose excess weight, which is delayed for more subtle and deeper reasons.

Can the psychosomatics of excess weight affect our figure? How to lose extra pounds simply by exhaling on a psychological and emotional level. Here are some possible psychological reasons for being overweight:


Keeping resentment towards others, we thereby increase the distance and artificially create a wall of alienation between ourselves and people. Stocks of emotions and feelings are stored in our body, and sometimes literally – in the form of extra pounds.

In recent years, methods of working with the body have become popular, which combine physiological and psychological approaches – people began to understand the close connection between the body and the psyche.

Working with the body, you can solve psychological problems, and vice versa, getting rid of the extra burden of negative emotions, you can move the arrow of the scales in the right direction.


Thinking patterns

People find it difficult to change. Often we ourselves are an obstacle on the way to what we want – wealth, love, weight loss. It’s also hard to see yourself as different. Have you imagined yourself in a different form and body? Just as we hold onto our habits, we can also live comfortably with those extra pounds.

You need to understand for yourself – are you really comfortable in your body and do you enjoy yourself, but suffer from ideals imposed by society, or are you uncomfortable with being overweight, but are you afraid to become someone else? Sometimes we also have a hidden benefit of being overweight – when a problem becomes some kind of meaning and a reason to complain to others once again.

Defensive reaction

They say that big, fat people are kind, soft, more vulnerable and vulnerable. They more often take situations in life to heart, and seizing problems can be a protective reaction of the body. Food is relaxing and calming, while sweet foods raise blood serotonin levels.

How the reflex works: something touched you — you were upset, you felt that the world was hostile to you — you ate something tasty and sweet. Extra pounds – on the face, sides and waist.


But even if you do not exceed the calorie limit, being under stress, the body slows down metabolic processes and begins to store “reserves” so that you have enough strength to cope with the stressful situation. Blood cortisol rises, estrogen and testosterone decrease, in fact, we begin to defend ourselves.

Feeling lonely

Another state that we persistently try to seize, and in which it is difficult to get rid of excess weight, is a feeling of emptiness or loneliness. When we try to fill this inner empty space with the outer one: someone begins to fill it with things, and someone in an even simpler way – with food. And she is food, it becomes something that improves mood and fills life with meaning.

If you are in such a state, then here are some tips on how to get out of it: Emptiness inside – what will help to cope with it. Several fasting days will also help to reduce the importance of food – Remove excess with the help of detox.

Increased importance

It occurs when losing weight becomes a lifelong goal and something like “losing weight for losing weight.” A person often even ceases to understand – why, and for what? Any extremes can lead to serious consequences, in the case of a strong desire to lose weight – this is bulimia and anorexia. It is an unhealthy condition that leads to stress, emptiness, depression, aside from health problems.


Increased importance is at the root of most of the problems in life. On the contrary, it blocks the intention and removes us from the desired goal.

For a healthy, beautiful and desirable figure, first of all, you need to reconsider the relationship with your body – to make them more conscious, without forgetting about balance.

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