What is the best honey in the world?

Best Honey In The World

Everyone knows that honey has pronounced healing properties. It is the first helper for colds and flu, increases physical activity, strengthens the immune system, effectively fights stress and insomnia.

Which honey is the best?

Today, there are a great many honey varieties, there are hundreds of them. So which honey is the best? How to distinguish a natural product from a fake? We will tell you about this in this article.

As we said, there are a huge number of honey varieties, as many plant species bloom on the ground, plus many mixed types of delicacies. Each specific variety has its own unique taste, aroma, and medicinal properties.

How do you choose the right honey?

First of all, honey is a healing substance, and it can be used not only in cooking but also in medicine and cosmetology.

When buying honey sweetness, most people rely on more than just its taste.

For honey to bring as much benefit as possible, the product must be natural, without added sugar, starch, and any chemicals that allow it to remain in a liquid state for a long time.

Try not to buy goods in stores, buy them from real beekeepers, and even better – from familiar beekeepers. There are several steps you can take to determine if honey is natural.

  1.  The most famous way to test honey for quality: dip a thin stick into a container with honey, and then hold it a short distance above the surface. A real honey product will be pulled down by a thread, and when it is interrupted, it will sink to the surface in the form of a turret, which will gradually collapse. Artificial honey is like glue in this situation: it will drain and drip in different directions.
  2.  The counterfeit product may contain a substance such as chalk. Unscrupulous beekeepers add it to honey for ductility and density. To make sure that you are not being offered a fake, you need to drip vinegar into the honey. If there is chalk in it, it will immediately hiss and boil.
  3.  From about the end of September, almost every honey variety, except for chestnut and acacia varieties, begins to gradually crystallize or, as the people say, sugar-coated. If the honey product is still liquid, there may be two options: either it is fake or natural honey was melted, which is also not very good because when heated above 60 degrees, this delicacy loses its useful properties.

Best Honey In The World

Which honey is best?

It is difficult to specifically determine which of them is the most useful because each species has its unique properties and treats different ailments. But if we take the most popular opinions, then the most useful varieties are lime, acacia, and buckwheat.

Due to the abundance of varieties, it is difficult to decide which product to choose

Even if you are not versed in such delicacies, you have probably heard about lime honey. Our grandmothers also treated most of their ailments with this very remedy and are still doing it with success.

  • Of all the varieties of honey treats, linden is best suited for treating respiratory diseases, coughs, or flu.

Besides this, it has a number of other advantages:

  1.  Improves the condition of the liver, kidneys, can also act as a laxative. In case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, a few teaspoons of such a product per day will help to quickly cope with the disease.
  2.  For those who suffer from disorders of the nervous system, insomnia, there is no better remedy than a mug of warm milk with lime honey before bed. This drink relaxes, helps to get rid of negative thoughts from the head, and also promotes sound and healthy sleep.
  3.  For colds and flu, it can act as an antipyretic, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory agent.
  4.  For diseases to visit you as rarely as possible, you can use 1-2 tablespoons of this honey a day, you can on an empty stomach. This is especially true during the period of exacerbation of viral diseases (autumn and winter).
  •  The next most useful variety is acacia. It is hard not to remember it due to the delicate taste and aroma of acacia trees. Such a delicacy is practically colorless, it remains in a liquid state for about six months. And even in the process of sugaring, the crystals are formed so small that the mass remains transparent and almost homogeneous.

The beneficial properties of acacia honey include the following:

  1.  Powerful antiseptic effect, therefore it is often used in the treatment of conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. To do this, a cotton pad or gauze should be moistened in a honey solution (a tablespoon of honey for half a glass of warm water) and applied to the eye area. Such lotions can be used for skin conditions such as eczema.
  2.  Lowers blood pressure, soothes, and tones.
  3.  It has a strong diuretic effect, etc.

Switzerland honey

Honey produced in Switzerland is worth a separate mention. Switzerland honey is unique, there is no healthier and tastier honey product in the world than that produced in Switzerland. It is quite expensive, but this can be explained by its healing properties.

Honey produced in these areas can be called a natural medicine without any exaggeration. It produces a honey product not only from traditional plants but also from fairly rare herbs.

It is impossible to say with certainty which type of honey is better, each person must determine for himself which variety is right for him. The main thing is to buy only a natural product and enjoy its amazing taste and medicinal properties. Petershof-kaerselen.ch “SIMPLICITY AND UNIQUE TASTE COMBINE HARMONY WITH NATURE” FROM PETER FAMILY.

With the onset of autumn, it is time to make preparations not only for fruits and vegetables. Housewives begin to stock up on useful and valuable honey, without which not a single cold can do. Here, connoisseurs disagree on the question of which honey is the best and healthiest. After all, in search of the best, you can become a victim of a poor-quality product and sellers’ dishonesty.

It should be understood! A high price is not always an indicator of quality.

Further about which honey is better, how to choose it and the rating of the most popular varieties of products.

Which honey is better and healthier?

Best Honey In The World

Today, the honey market is impressively diverse. At the same time, highlighting the best among all is not an easy task. Each type combines usefulness, taste, and a well-known aroma. It is impossible to choose one healthy variety since each of them has a rich healthy composition combined with naturalness.

One of the most important factors affecting quality in the region of harvest. Clean ecology, areas removed from human influence, natural processes of nectar processing – all this is necessary to get the most delicious honey.

Such areas in Switzerland are considered to be products that are guaranteed to meet quality standards and are saturated with a healing composition. Beekeepers do not need to counterfeit products by mixing salts and heavy metals with them. Honey products from such regions are well known and deservedly recognized by the most demanding customers.

The variety of herbs growing there makes the product invaluable:

  • Linden blossom promotes the use of honey for colds;
  • Sciatica and skin problems are eliminated by sunflower pollen;
  • Buckwheat products can tone and fill the body with vitamins and essential minerals;
  • Acacia helps to cleanse the liver, blood vessels, restores pressure and nerve endings.

All this significantly complicates the choice, because each type has certain benefits. Most connoisseurs determine the best honey by taste and aroma. For others, consistency is important, which does not always work correctly.

It is worth understanding! The first time after harvesting, almost the entire crop remains liquid. At the same time, closer to winter, the products should change the consistency to a thicker one.

Liquid honey in autumn is an indicator of additional heat treatment, which means that there is nothing useful in such a product. Although this does not apply to varieties that change structure more slowly, they still thicken over the course of the year.

Color will tell you much more about the saturation with mineral substances. The richest composition in dark varieties, with colors ranging from dark amber to brown. It does not have to be a mountain or forest variety. Such products contain active compounds that have a positive effect on the body.

Important! The only negative is that they are more than light varieties capable of provoking allergic reactions.

The light product settles the fastest. Sugared sweetness is believed to have the fewest contraindications. Acacia color is a non-allergenic substance. You should not buy delicious honey based on the description and advice, it is best to make a choice based on personal taste preferences and tasting.

The most delicious and valuable honey

Regardless of the type, all honey is tasty and healthy. Each variety has its own set of valuable elements. The value of the product is that not a single cold can do without it. In addition, a positive effect of honey products on immunity and various kinds of diseases was noted. Today there are dozens of varieties, so there is a need to highlight the most valuable honey. The most valuable and delicious varieties are represented by the following top honey:

  1. Buckwheat is a honey obtained due to the color of buckwheat. Valuable for its rich composition, which is often used to combat anemia;
  2. Linden – in the opinion of connoisseurs and beekeepers themselves, is considered the most delicious variety. It is used to treat colds and heart problems;
  3. Clover. Especially popular among the fairer sex, because it contributes to the treatment of gynecological problems;
  4. Sweet clover – among beekeepers it is considered one of the most useful products used in respiratory diseases. An excellent property is considered the healing of wounds and abscesses on the skin;
  5. Mustard – is actively used by people suffering from asthma and bronchitis;
  6. Acacia – has a unique smell and interesting taste. Its use is useful for people suffering from insomnia and intestinal problems. The product is not capable of provoking the development of allergic reactions;
  7. Raspberry – It smells like a fruit and is popular for the treatment of colds and kidney problems in young children.

Best Honey In The World

Elite varieties of honey

The bounty of nature allows bees to harvest a varied honey crop with a useful rich composition. So, focusing on the origin, honey is divided into floral, mixed, and honeydew. Seasonal harvest time, weather, and other factors – all this affects not only the processing of the crop but also its quality. At the same time, flower products are divided into monofloral and polyfloral types. The first type – products from one type of plant, are rarely found on sale. The second type includes products from mixed melliferous plants.

The following elite varieties of honey are distinguished, which are distinguished by their benefits:

  • Buckwheat is one of the most affordable;
  • Heather – contains a large amount of protein and minerals;
  • Clover – has an interesting taste, is used to treating colds and lung diseases. Treats hypertension well;
  • Phacelia – used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system and heart. Affects brain activity;
  • Sainfoin – it contains a lot of ascorbic acids, carotene, and enzymes that are useful for the vascular system and bronchi. An effective product for the treatment of skin problems;
  • White is a rare variety that is most often counterfeited. It is harvested from white acacia, clover, rarely linden;
  • Fireweed – collected from the herb, which in ancient times was used as a cure for many diseases. The product is enriched with vitamin C;
  • Angelica – distinguished by its exquisite taste, alluring aroma, and valuable composition. The shade of the products can range from dark to read. It is used for diseases of the stomach, can replace an antispasmodic;
  • Mountain – honey, the basis of which is the forbs of mountainous areas. It is considered the purest because it is based on the nectar of rare plants. Often used for colds;
  • Black is the rarest honey because the basis for it is grown only in Egypt – black cumin. The presence of special healing properties and high cost make the product elite;

Healing types of bee nectar
All types of honey are useful in their way. At the same time, there are species that differ in usefulness and medicinal composition. The most healing varieties of honey should be determined, according to connoisseurs of the product:

  1. Buckwheat honey;
  2. Linden products;
  3. Acacia honey;
  4. Bitter heather nectar;
  5. Chestnut honey;
  6. Sainfoin grade;
  7. Sweet clover nectar.

Remember! All varieties are good for the human body. The species discussed above have more pronounced healing qualities due to their diverse vitamin composition.

Best Honey In The World

Which honey to choose: dark or light

Connoisseurs of bee products are well aware that there is not only honey with a light color but also a dark one. The difference between them is not only in the color scheme. There are also differences in properties.

There is an opinion that dark products are of lower quality, but this is not at all the case. It should be understood that the color of products is influenced not only by the honey plant but also by the weather in the region, the composition of plants, and even the type of bee colonies. Dark honey may not be only a flower product, but also a honeydew product. Such products have a specific bitter taste that often frightens off consumers. Dark honey varieties are:

Despite its color, dark honey is rich in iron, copper, magnesium, and many other minerals that the body needs. Often used by people with anemia and anemia. Helps to normalize blood circulation, the work of the cardiovascular system, and put blood pressure in order. Useful during pregnancy and for strengthening the immune system in general.

At the same time, light varieties are distinguished by a rich vitamin composition. They are useful for colds, flu, insomnia. Considered to be a good natural sedative. They increase immunity, eliminate vitamin deficiency, treat the genitourinary system.

Remember! The quality and useful properties do not depend in any way on the color of the product. Each variety has its own unique properties and special benefits.

Rating of honey varieties

Based on the above, a small honey rating can be distinguished, dividing the varieties into different categories.

  1. One of the first to appear on sale;
  2. The most affordable varieties of honey;
  3. Honey that stays liquid for a long time;
  4. Rare products;

Considered the most popular among the population

This rating is based solely on average indicators and may differ in different parts of Switzerland.

It is impossible to determine the best variety unambiguously, because it can change, depending on the situation. Moreover, all varieties, one way or another, are not only useful but also necessary for the human body.

What is the best honey in the world? This question is once asked by all fans of honey therapy. Having tried dozens of varieties, monofloral and polyfloral, light and dark, each of them wants to come to the conclusion about what kind of honey will be most useful with regular consumption and choose the one and only variety that will always be stored in the pantry.

Beekeepers all over the world have been discussing the best honey for many years, but so far they cannot come to a consensus on this matter. This is due to the fact that any honey, provided it is natural, is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, the main composition of honey is preserved for different varieties, the only difference is that in some varieties some components prevail, and in others, other components, therefore, depending on the disease that you want to cure with the help of honey if it is a question of treatment, and not on prevention, the type of honey is individually selected.

* In case of colds, linden honey will be indispensable

* sunflower honey will save you from sciatica and skin problems

* Buckwheat honey will serve as a general tonic, with a decrease in the body’s immune forces

* Acacia honey is an excellent antihypertensive and sedative agent, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

The most useful, some sources call polyfloral honey, but in practice, it is quite difficult to know its exact composition, and therefore to argue that it will be an effective tool in the treatment of specific diseases.

In any case, scientists, doctors, and beekeepers agree that all the usefulness of honey lies in its naturalness.

A separate important point of the usefulness of a beekeeping product is the ecology of the region where it was produced.

A low level of anthropogenic impact on the environment of the melliferous region is a guarantee of the absence of harmful impurities in the final product, which means that there is not even a risk of getting an undesirable effect on the human body. From this position, the answer to the question “which honey is the best”? – Switzerland. In addition, Switzerland is distinguished by the traditional quality of honey. This is, of course, if we consider the territory of Switzerland.

Best Honey In The World

Basic rules for choosing honey

So, we have already decided that when choosing honey, it is better to focus on a natural unprocessed product of domestic production. But among the huge assortment of honey in stores, you can simply get confused: liquid and thick, light and dark, monofloral and polyfloral: which one to choose?

  1. Liquid or thick? All honey immediately after pumping has a liquid consistency. However, after 30-60 days, depending on the variety and composition, it thickens significantly. Buying thick honey is not bad, you can always melt it in a water bath if you are a lover of a liquid product, but buying liquid honey in winter is a huge mistake. The liquid consistency of honey in the cold season is evidence of its unnaturalness, the addition of impurities, or its heat treatment, which also does not add useful properties to it. So when choosing honey, according to its consistency and asking the question: which honey is the best liquid or which is thick, you should be guided by the principle: in summer and early autumn – liquid (honey of this year’s harvest), with the onset of cold weather – thick, and the closer to winter, the more high-quality natural honey will thicken.
  2. Light or dark? The color of honey depends solely on its type. Most often, darker varieties are considered more useful. And there is some truth in this, the concentration of individual macro-and microelements in them is much higher than in light ones. At the same time, light varieties have their advantages, firstly, they can be consumed more in quantity, and secondly, they are considered less aggressive in terms of causing allergic reactions or individual intolerance. For example, acacia honey is considered hypoallergenic, and if you have allergic diseases, even acacia honey should be used with extreme caution.
  3. Monoflora or polyflora. Everything is individual here, based on the criteria mentioned above. This is not to say that polyfloral honey has a clear advantage over monofloral honey.

Another criterion for choosing honey is often called taste. Indeed, honey can have a rather large flavor difference depending on the variety.

For example, buckwheat honey has astringency and a tangible bitterness in the aftertaste, linden honey is extremely sweet, without unnecessary aftertastes. Here, most likely, only tasting and selection of a variety of honey will help. Its taste does not significantly affect the beneficial properties of honey.

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