Success Story: Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o became famous overnight, and for this she did not even have to appear in the title role in the romantic comedy or action movie. The actress starred in the movie 12 years of slavery,” and now has a good chance to get the “Oscar” for his brilliant work.


lupita nyong'o holding award

Lupita is quite different from fellow African Americans it does not paint a blonde, do not lighten your skin and is not going to do rinoplastku, such as Beyonce. On the contrary, ‘Nyong’o – a real African beauty. It was about this incredible girl “» tell today.

Treasure Africa

Lupita Nyong’o was born in the family of the Minister of Health of Kenya Anyanga Nyong’o. It is noteworthy that Lupita was born not on the African continent! In fact, the future actress first two years of his life living in Mexico City, where her parents were hiding for political reasons. Then the whole family returned to his native Kenya, there Nyong’o went to school. Lupita‘s father, a man quite influential, was able to give his daughter a good education. The star admits that as a child to become an actress she did not dream, but as a teenager it is very inspired other dark-skinned actors.


I grew up on a foreign TV programs American, British, Mexican and rarely looked something Kenyan. The first film in which I saw the dark-skinned actors, exactly the same as I myself became spilbergovskie The Color Purple” with Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey. And it opened my eyes and was an incentive for me to follow my dream, “- says Lupita. And she devoted fan of Michael Jackson without music pop king actress since childhood is not my life.

lupita nyong'o.

When Nyong’o graduated from high school, it was decided that it would not storm the auditions and get a real profession in the best for this school at the Yale School of Drama. It is interesting that there Lupita fascinated not so much acting as a director. Her film debut was just directing experience – she made ​​a documentary “In my genes.” The film tells about how hard life albinos in Kenya.

I put my soul into this work, and is very happy that everything turned out” – shared Lupita. In general, the family star, so close to politics, strongly influenced her worldview. Nyong’o a cousin of one of the most influential women in Africa, Isis Nyong’o policy. Thus, the problems of her native Kenya and now care about, although Lupita has been living in the United States.

A matter of chance

Immediately after the Yale Lupita got the role, which turned all her future career. Quite by accident Nyong’o invited to play in the movie “12 years of slavery,” directed by Steve McQueen. It is said that the actress did not go to auditions and tests, just an assistant director saw her picture and said McQueen, the heroine in the role of a slave is found, we only have to persuade her.

Lupita Nyong'o in the movie 12 years of slavery
Lupita Nyong’o in the movie “12 years of slavery”

Steve McQueen himself recalls a meeting with Nyong’o: “We have seen more than 1000 girls, and Lupita turned up at the last moment. We met in New Orleans, and it was delicious. I had to take it just for this role. If she stepped out of the pages of the book! “

However, a lot of cajoling Lupita did not have to she was beside herself with happiness! Now the actress says that the middle of the night my dad called to Kenya to tell him the good news, “I said,” Dad, can you imagine, I‘m going to play with Brad Pitt! You know him? “He said:” Personally – no. But great that you got a job. Good night. “This point of view then came in very handy. “


In the film, she played a hard-working slave, which collects most cotton plantations, and thus tolerate harassment and torture by plantation owner, played by Michael Fassbender.

SAG Awards 2014 Winners List
In her success Lupita can hardly believe

In this case, Lupita says that Michael was very nervous playing with her: “He had to beat me, to do all these atrocities But Michael was trying to be gentle!” Nyong’o was so convincing in his role that it was nominated for “Oscarand has already handed over the prestigious statuette Screen Actors Guild Awards – for Best Supporting Actress.

New style icon

Lyupite Nyong’o with its unusual appearance easily able to make friends with the Anna Wintour, she won the cover of glossy magazines and has become one of the most remarkable people on the red carpet.

Style Lupita can not be confused with anything. Actress loves bright saturated colors that emphasize the tone of her skin, geometric shapes, arrows and graphically bold makeup. In short, is not afraid to experiment Nyong’o, and yet she manages to do it without the fashion flops.

Lupita Nyong'o in the campaign Miu Miu
Lupita Nyong’o in the campaign Miu Miu

One of the first contract offered to the young actress brand Miu Miu – now Lupita Nyong’o advertises bright things brands that fit perfectly into her own style. The actress says that before his huge success after 12 years of slavery,” she was not interested in fashion, but on duty had to discover new horizons. Now she is also involved in promotional campaigns Prada.


The plans Lupita much more interesting, and we have no doubt that he had not once seen the actress on the big screen. Already this year, will be published movie Air Marshal“, where Nyong’o starred with Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore and Michelle Dockery.

Lupita Nyong'o in

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