Delicate solid color design

Pink nail designs: the best trends of summer

You can fill a summer female image with romance and tenderness when performing a pink manicure. Such nail art has a right to exist not only among young girls, but also among adult women, since the design is universal. You can choose any of the shades of pink and catch the eye with your stylish 2021 summer manicure. And what design is the best to choose, we will show you.

Delicate solid color design

Moderate solid pink design looks very original and modest. The soft pink color is quite pleasing to the eye and goes well with many summer outfits. For long, almond-shaped marigolds, light shades of pink are ideal. Shades of magenta, fuchsia or cherry also look very good. These colors go well with the white complement. You can safely choose any variety of broths and rhinestones as a décor. The most common way is to place pebbles at the base of the marigold or to make an unobtrusive pattern. Also, minimalistic glitter decoration is perfectly combined with a monochromatic manicure.

Black and pink design

The contrasting combination of black and pink gives a luxurious and amazing marigold design. Such a manicure will be a great alternative to the white tone, which is often used as a complement to pink. So nail art will look restrained and elegant. With regards to the technique of performing a black and pink manicure, it is best to use an ombre, a jacket, or alternate staining of marigolds. Black is very often used as an accent on a few fingers. Lace patterns in black on a soft and delicate pink base will also look very elegant. You can make several black fingers and decorate them with drawings of a pink tone. When doing nail art, feel free to use any décor.

Manicure pink with gray

In the summer of 2021, the tandem of pink and gray is considered one of the most dignified and irresistible. The restrained and laconic design looks feminine, so it will easily fit into any feminine image. Dozens of different designs can be made using these colors for everyday or festive use. One of the most demanded and popular ideas is a single-color matte finish. A manicure with negative space or with rhinestones looks very sophisticated. This summer it is fashionable to carry out various patterns or designs on the thumb. A gray and pink manicure can also be complemented with delicate pixie crystals. Particularly noteworthy is the smooth gradient transition from pink to gray. The combination of these colors is very often used when performing geometric design. On a pink base, gray patterns look interesting. When choosing pictures, it is best to highlight them with glitter. So the manicure will look more expressive and graceful.

Pink with white

Delicate pink and calm white are harmoniously combined in one design. These are the classic components of French manicure. This summer this union of flowers is irresistible and attractive. Especially when floral designs, marble chips or ombre transitions are present. As an accent, you can highlight several marigolds in white and decorate them with an unusual summer décor. In the summer of 2021, you should pay attention to Yuki flakes, abstract designs, pixie crystals, geometric designs or rubbing.1

Pink on short nails

Short marigolds are another stylish trend of 2021. All shades of pink look great on them. When performing a monochromatic design, use lavender, pastel, berry, muted scarlet or pale pink. On short marigolds, you can also perform a combination of several colors.


Such a manicure can be used both for every day and for an important outlet or event. If you need a manicure for an important gala event, then add sparkling décor to the short nails.

Pink manicure with design

Summer manicure 2021 is very difficult to imagine without additional design. On a few fingers, slider patterns, stamping or floral motifs are simply required. It is especially important for the summer season to carry out thematic drawings, for example, butterflies, ice cream, ladybirds or flamingos. For youth design, you can safely apply hearts or animal prints. Use a variety of techniques to complement the design, such as Sweet bloom, ombre, negative space or French glitter manicure.

Pink glitter manicure

Silver or gold glitter is the best decoration option for pink designs. Such a manicure will look very beautiful, catchy and relevant in the summer. Glitter décor matches perfectly with any shade of pink, giving the design versatility. In the summer of 2021, highlighting several marigolds with different glitter, moon and French designs, as well as making delicate and neat patterns with sparkles are in vogue. The most appreciated is the luxurious scattering of glitter, which gradually turns into a pink tone. This design is quite suitable for all occasions, and is also interesting and attractive to combine with rhinestones, broths and rub.

Choose your favorite shades and complement them with any décor. A calm and graceful summer manicure in pink will attract a lot of attention. The most important thing is that it will perfectly fit into any female summer look, make it charming and attractive.

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