Dream man: Jared Leto

This year for Jared Leto began more than just well lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars went on a world tour, starred in “Dallas Buyers Club”, and at the same time cut off and the “Oscar” for Best Supporting Actor.

Jared with us for a long time – the first time he appeared in a movie in 1992, and his own rock band put together in 1998. During this time, the popularity of Summer is just gaining momentum. This was a young man with incredible eyes and such a nice name, ” LuxeFair.com ” will tell today.

jared leto.

His talents in many creative fields Jared Leto owes his mother Constance. She is one brought Jared and his older brother Shannon, strongly encouraging any initiatives sons. The family lived in a small town in Louisiana, Constance worked as an actress in a circus, at leisure painted, photographed and loved traveling, which always took with him two sons.

My mom is a real hero Leto said in an interview. She was looking for a better life for us, so yes, we often traveled. “

jared leto and mom
Jared Leto with his mother Constance

Jared started quite early to help my mom, getting the first job in 12 years. True, it had nothing to do with creativity. Artist says: “The best job I had when I was 12 years old, and I was a dishwasher in the” Three Little Pigs. “I paid for it $ 2.5 per hour. And there moonlighting guys living in shelters. Oh, yes, there I would like to work again …

After graduating from high school, on the advice of my mother, Leto enrolled at the University of Art in Washington, DC, to study painting, but soon discovered his acting talent and decided to change schools, relocated to New York. During his studies he has performed as a director (as well as the leading man) in the movie “The Weeping joy.” Jared knew that these heights in her acting career, he could achieve only in Hollywood, so he took the difficult decision to leave his favorite New York and moved to Los Angeles.

Success and fame

Initially, Los Angeles is not smiling Jared Leto, it completely disappointing. In an interview, he recalled: “I ​​always thought California magical place. When I was a teenager in the house next door has moved one kid and immediately became the star of the area: it had a BMX, skate and bleached hair, and most importantly – he came from California. Of film and telly we knew that there wildly cool. Well, I somehow always been clear that if you want to be an artist, you’re in New York, and if decided to be an actor I wish you lived in Los Angeles. When I did finally get there, terribly upset: the city of dreams turned out to be a disgusting place. After vigorous New York concrete ruins looked depressing. “

jared leto..

However, subsequently Leto still love Los Angeles, especially since it took Hollywood to your alluring world. In 1992, Jared starred in “My So-Called Life“, which did not bring him popularity, but was the start of a career. Then followed a series of minor but prominent roles. For example, many will remember Summer in the movie “Fight Club.”

At the same time he began to think about creating your own rock band. Yes, Jared is able to not only play movies and draw, but also great to sing. So in 1998, was born his team of 30 Seconds to Mars, which the soloist newly founded with his brother Shannon. It is music that has brought Summer just a resounding success. The fans so handsome Jared rampage at concerts, that once in a burst of feeling even broke his nose pet.

jared leto...
Group 30 Seconds to Mars

“Then I did not understand what is popular. And suddenly, almost on the same day I came to be known – says Leto. No one in the morning hike to the store or for a run with the dogs did not do without cries of admiration and at least a dozen autographs! But that’s nothing … I felt like a real idiot when one of the tabloids called me one of the 50 most beautiful people. “

In parallel with the release of albums and tour rounds this talented all over the man continued to act in films. One of the star of his roles was working with director Darren Aronofsky in the film “Requiem for a Dream,” where Leto played a drug addict. “It was infinitely important film – says the actor. I went for the role on a sample of about 6000 times. It was terribly hard, it was a big step. “

Jared on set is always laid out in full he plumped for 66 lbs for the movie Chapter 27,” suffered the viewer to another world in the film “Mr. Nobody” and finally got totally deserved “Oscar” for the role of an AIDS patient transvestite in the film “of Dallas club shoppers. “

jared leto....
Jared Leto received the “Oscar” for his role as a transvestite in the film “Dallas Buyers Club”

In their ’42 Jared Leto is an inveterate bachelor and a favorite of women. His “record” can be called a record – who just got caught in his net! And Cameron Diaz and Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears, and Sky Ferreira … Once Jared seen in a nightclub passionately kissing with Paris Hilton. About fleeting love affairs with groupies and models, we will not even mention … In short, hair color, height and size of the breast for this lover of the fair sex does not matter.

jared leto.....

Thus he speaks of the relationship Leto skeptical and even cynical: “When you’re famous, much becomes wrong. It so happens that I just fucking, especially not giving this emotion, and they look at me as if I performed a miracle. “

Recently Jared attributed affair with Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o, who also received the “Oscar” this year. In parallel, there were rumors that he was “more than friends” even with the 21-year-old Miley Cyrus. Do not be surprised if both are true!

jared leto......

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