5 reasons to contact a cosmetologist this summer

There are skin problems that can not be solved alone. In that case, the cosmetologist hurries to the aid (in the costume of a superhero) what does a cosmetologist do?

Today there are few cosmetology techniques left that are not recommended for use in hot weather. Exceptions include grinding on a CO2 laser and some peelings. Practically all other techniques in the summer are allowed. The main thing – do not forget about protecting the skin from the sun.


If you do not protect the skin with SPF, then you can face the problem of hyperpigmentation – blame for ultraviolet radiation. Noticeable will be even the smallest spots that differ from the main skin color: if in winter they are almost invisible, then under the influence of the sun they become more noticeable. This is due to the excess of melanin in the skin. Tan becomes uneven if the distribution of melanocytes occurs unevenly. You can fight with an uneven skin tone with injections and preparations with phenol, quinone, thymol, salicylic acid.

Pale face color

Of course, it’s not about a sunburnt face, but about a skin tired after a winter without vitamins and spring. If your skin has not returned to normal, you may need to clean it. Advantages of the cosmetologist is that he will find the most gentle way for you, which in the future will not cause problems (with the same pigmentation, for example), if you go on vacation. For example, experts often propose to make ultrasound – it cleans pores, removes black dots, promotes cell renewal, but does not aggressively attack the face.

Dryness of the skin

In summer, dryness and peeling of the skin are provoked by the sun, dust, wind. All this is due to the violation of the hydrolipid barrier, and the methods of rescue will be plasma therapy and mesotherapy.


Many believe that the sun dries pimples and prevents the emergence of new inflammations. But this is only an effect for the first time, under the influence of the rays of the rashes can become even more because of the active work of the sebaceous glands. So try not to be under the scorching sun in the heat, and to fight the disaster that has already happened on your face, go through a course of plasma therapy or laser procedures. By the way, here are more unexpected reasons, because of which acne can appear.

Early wrinkles

If you neglect sun protection, then early wrinkles will not fail to appear. A safe way to clean small creases is to massage your face

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