Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate

Loving or hating perfumes – this choice often makes us feel. We have collected perfume notes list that attract men the basic notes that can instantly to get man attention.

Sweet sweet notes

For example, pineapple mixed with peach and coconut will be a real anti-cocktail. So if you go to an important meeting, where you need to impress a new friend, or are preparing for a date, then this is not the best company. However, for fans of flower and fruit mixes there is an outlet – in perfumes with strong chords of vanilla and sandalwood, they are considered aphrodisiacs, but they do not induce vomiting reflex.

Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate

Musk aroma

The strong aroma of musk stimulates the nervous system, and the brain can relay it to the headache (both in men and in women). Avoid migraine, if you take a light citrus flavor, even if the composition is irritating musk, it will be neutralized.

Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate


It is believed that iris is used by perfumers to give a fragrant composition of mystery. This plant reluctantly gives away its essential oil (the drying process, from which the oil is obtained, can take three years), and therefore its absolute can be very expensive.

For this reason, perfumers often use its synthetic substitute, the composition of which can irritate the skin (your) and nasal receptors (your companion). To determine whether a fake is in front of you or not, carefully study the history of the fragrance. And experienced perfumers also advise you to sniff: the more sharp aroma that constantly hovers in the air, without mixing with the smell of your skin, and practically does not have a plume, is most likely a “clone”.

Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate


Many, for the first time hearing a note of leather in a vial, snort with disgust, believing that this chord does not suit them. And in most cases our own reaction frightens off and partners – sure because you need to be from the top to the heels, and still smell nice. In fact, and these uncomfortable at first glance perfumes, there are many variations, and almost always you can pick something for yourself.

Deep and capricious scent of the skin reveals itself in different ways, depending on its neighbors. For example, to get an aristocratic fleur, they put him in a pair with a gentle violet. This combination gives the fragrance refinement and refinement. To get a more complex, brutal flavor, add notes of tobacco. This smoky smell will help make the image more seductive.

Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate

“Dark notes”

Cold, metallic sound of notes of blood in perfumery – know-how in the latest developments of perfumers. Blood notes cause very intimate associations, and the question arises whether your boyfriend is ready for them, and you yourself. The same applies to all the other strange smells that we, and in their natural form, will hardly want to sniff long (earth, peat, ink and so on – the imagination of perfumers is boundless). However, if you want to pass for the original and daring, to win the heart of a non-standard guy and feel yourself with such a train freely and confidently, this is an option for you.

Sense Of Smell: notes in perfumes that men hate

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