Caviar Revolution

Cosmetologists La Prairie took a new height, creating a unique wrinkle filler with caviar extract

Skin Caviar Collection celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Since the creation of the collection, the cosmetologists of La Prairie have constantly perfected a remedy to strengthen the skin and restore its smoothness, tone and freshness with the help of a unique extract of caviar. New researches and discoveries have allowed the laboratory La Prairie to take a new height and create “caviar water”. In fact, this is an extract of caviar in even greater concentration. It is produced by the method of improved steam distillation, which allows to extract and store all the most valuable active components of the substance.

In the new wrinkle filler Skin Caviar Absolute Filler for the first time used technology that allows you to get the maximum amount of nutrients from the skin for the skin. When it is created, the fats and proteins of the roe are separated and compressed, and the process of centrifugation is carried out separately, which makes it possible to better preserve their useful properties, and then again combine into one composition. The result is a unique tool that allows the skin to fight with the loss of natural volume and density. The cream fills the skin and smoothes it, quickly absorbing and improving the contours of the face.
Thoroughly thought-out form of the dispenser bottle with a built-in mirror resembles its proportions with outstanding objects of modern design. And the innovative vacuum pump accurately dose the cream: one press of the button gives the optimum amount.

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