Love Story: Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Few believed in the relationship Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart dancer who younger than her 18 years. But the couple, in spite of all ill-wishers, to survive the separation, back together, and now, apparently, is actively preparing for the wedding. Learn more about the fascinating singer and her boyfriend says

45-year-old singer and actress Jennifer Lopez older dancer Casper Smart for 18 years. In her luggage” – three failed marriages and a torn wedding. “I often confuse passion with love” – says the singer. But with smart she apparently was not mistaken. After breaking a couple of loud, according to foreign news, and now reunited, according to insiders, vengeance is preparing for the wedding.

Jennifer Lopez Dating History

2011 was tough for Jennifer. Her marriage to Marc Anthony, whom she considered her an ideal, cracked at the seams. A couple could not reconcile even common children – twins Max and Emmy. But Jennifer always wanted a strong family! And this dream remained unrealized for her.

The singer’s first marriage ended a year after the wedding, the second was just as fleeting. Whirlwind romance with actor Ben Affleck ended a few hours before the wedding ceremony. “Ben offered me to leave, unable to withstand the pressure of the press and the fans, and I felt as if my heart was torn out of his chest. I was devastated. I really wanted to start a family, have children, Ben and live like in a fairy tale, “- wrote the singer in his autobiography,” True Love. “

Jennifer Lopez and ben
On account of the singer and actress – a serious relationship with a handsome Ben Affleck. True, the tempestuous affair ended in a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony

After breaking up with actor Jennifer locked in his Los Angeles mansion, not wanting anyone to see and hear. She admitted to the house of a musician Marc Anthony, a longtime friend. “He said that will bring me back to life. I did not understand that Mark had in mind until he hinted that if our acquaintance in 1998, his first words were: “Someday you’ll be my wife.” Needless to say that I was going through, and when the relationship collapsed? “- Says the singer in his book.

The reasons for the gap to Mark was prosaic: not agree, do not come to terms with each other. Jennifer always had a clear vision of the family, and it turned out not so, what kind of dream about. “I have never had a black eye and a swollen lip, but I had a relationship in which I felt myself on some violence in one form or another: the mental, emotional, verbal,” – explained the decision to divorce the singer.

After parting with Marc Anthony, Jennifer again plunged into depression. The last time she was rescued by Mark, but who will save this? Who would have thought that “Prince” will be he – almost a boy, dancer Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, musician Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, musician Marc Anthony

Age – is just a number

Casper Smart has worked in a dance band Lopez. At first, Jennifer did not pay attention to the young man – let her marriage was not perfect, but she had still been married. However, after a long break with Marc Anthony is 24 years old (at the time) Smart back Jennifer confidence. It all started with a light flirtation, over – passionate love. And almost 20 years difference in age could not become a hindrance for the senses.

“Age, status, and other people’s opinions do not matter. Our hearts are unlimited, and our souls are limitless, “- wrote on Twitter Casper, when the press came the first reports of their romance with Jennifer. “Age – is a reminder of the time spent on the ground. And that precious time that we have left, “- he added.

Casper Smart, who under Lopez for 18 years, worked in a dance band singer
Casper Smart, who under Lopez for 18 years, worked in a dance band singer

But the press was not appeased. On the pages of tabloid journalists talked about the unequal alliance, watching a pair of waiting even the slightest slip. Even friends and relatives of J. Lo did not take seriously the novel, and some have openly worried that simply uses Casper Jennifer Love for their own purposes.

Let them say what they want, Jennifer thought. The main thing – she’s happy. Young boyfriend treated her like a queen, put her interests above all else. And children like J. Lo youth – together they walked and played in the morning Kasper breakfast prepared for them. Lopez even said that Kasper is much more “real father” of her children than their own dad. Dancer twins gave all his spare time.

A year relationship Jennifer Kasper made his chief choreographer of the dance group. Now he is constantly accompanied her on tour, and the couple did not hide from the world of tender feelings. Although the success of these relationships are still very few people believed. “Casper is not the love of her life. If this novel continues, it will be a big surprise for all. One of the reasons that they are still together – is Jennifer twins Max and Emma. They are great friends with Casper, “- commented on the couple’s relationship, a source close to Jennifer Lopez. And he was right: when it was supposed to go to the wedding, Jennifer stunned all reports of rupture.

Couple Lopez-Smart to survive the separation. But earlier this year the foreign press actively started to write about the singer and dancer together again
Couple Lopez-Smart to survive the separation. But earlier this year the foreign press actively started to write about the singer and dancer together again

Second chance

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broke up in 2014 – two years later relations. It is still unclear what has become an extreme point. According to rumors, Smart became interested in model-transsexual singer’s patience snapped, and she put her lover to the door of their shared home. J. Lo did not even allow him to pack up, leaving: “You came here with nothing and leave with nothing.”

But soon Jennifer cold. They Kasper decided to remain friends, especially the children of the singer strongly attached to him. After parting Jennifer decided to take a break. “I was always with someone. When I came to an end some relationships almost immediately begins. Now I like to be with itself, my time loving yourself – very long ago this happened. My friends are constantly trying to attach me, but I’m not interested right now. New relationships are not yet a priority for me. I like spending time with children or a “- shared the singer in an interview.

Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez hurts children. Twins respond in kind
Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez hurts children. Twins respond in kind

However, Kasper did not lose hope to return sweetheart. And in the end he succeeded. Six months after breaking up, he begged forgiveness of the singer, and she decided to give him a second chance. And it seems that this time it will end exactly the wedding. In the media not so long ago it was reported that the couple is actively preparing for the wedding. The celebration will be lush – Jennifer and Casper are planning to spend on him three million dollars.

They say the singer will tie the knot in December this year. “Their wedding will be a family. Emma will scatter rose petals, and Max – bring the ring. Jen is very romantic and believes that this marriage – the last one in her life “- shared with the Western edition of one of the singer. By the way, children Jennifer wedding mom approved. And perhaps soon they will have a brother or sister.

“I have two healthy and happy children. I do not know, maybe it’s because of my age, but I would like to get pregnant again – dream once again to give birth to twins, “- said in an interview with Lopez. Casper Smart is also not against Replenishment: even if Jennifer does not get pregnant, he wants them to adopt a child. Well, we wish the couple happiness. We believe they will succeed!

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