5 ideas for ombre manicure

Ombre manicure is more relevant than ever. Let’s see what stories on the nails are especially relevant.

Ombre manicure in 2021 involves the “overflow” of one shade into another. Ombre on nails will, of course, not be the only trend in 2021, in the gallery look at the equally popular options for decorating your nails

Fashionable red and gold Ombre manicure

Actress Vanessa Hudgens (@vanessahudgens)

The combination of gold and red in one look is considered a very successful union. Golden eyeshadows and red lipstick, a scarlet bag and a sun-colored dress – we, as a rule, recommend all this from year to year. If it didn’t work out with clothes and makeup, then there are always nails. Despite the fact that the High School Musical star was photographed during the summer festival, such a harmony of shades is relevant for any time of the year.

Black and white Ombre manicure in 2021

Singer Halsey
Singer Halsey

Black and white nail shades have become popular in 2020 and are happily moving into 2021. Singer Halsey (pictured) maintains Ombre nails with her outfit and accessories. Pay attention: lighter shades appear at the edges (at the tip and socket of the nail), which makes this option even more interesting.

Fashionable ombre manicure with blue and white flowers

Dancer Nia Siu
Dancer Nia Siu

Deep blue, reminiscent of sea waves, was the main color of 2020 (as defined by the Pantone Color Institute), in general, no one bothers to enjoy this shade a little more next year. Dancer Nia Siu seems to have all the blue manicure options listed, and one of them includes a combination with white. It is important not only to introduce a trend into use, but also to capture it correctly.

An important rule from the star – it is not necessary to support the idea of ombre on each nail, each nail, in fact, is a separate picture. Another original detail of the look is the colored strand in the hair, also decorated to support the blue and white excitement.

Animal print Ombre

A very interesting combination of two trends at once – an animal print (in this case, Lily Allen saddled a zebra) and an ombre, consisting of several bright shades at once: red turns into yellow, and then into green. Usually, such a complex manicure is already offered on stickers – drawing it on native nails is too long and boring. And of course, such a manicure is very suitable for the bright and non-standard appearance of the performer of the hit Smile.

Red Ombre manicure in 2021

Singer Jennifer Lopez
Singer Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to trends, and she does not take courage. While others only think about red nails, she works by combining pink, scarlet and sparkles. And although in this image we are primarily hypnotized by her steel press, the manicure with the Ombre design also turns out to be a memorable part of her exit.

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