Cosmetics for travel

Cosmetics for travel what to take to the road

Flights can adversely affect the condition of the skin, so when traveling she needs special care. Which one – we tell in our material.

Going on vacation, we carefully think through our luggage, providing things for all occasions: bad weather, minor ailments, evening events. It seems to us that we have thought through everything to the smallest detail, but in fact one detail has left our attention – the flight.

If someone thinks that flying is only a few hours in the air, then he is deeply mistaken. Flight is a huge stress for our body. Our skin reacts especially strongly to changes in height, pressure, and turbulence. Moreover, the recovery period in facial skin is very long, and it does not end with the arrival time.

If to stress from the flight we add a change in climatic conditions, heat, direct sunlight, then for our skin we get a completely depressing picture. After resting, instead of looking younger, a not very fresh reflection will be observed in the mirror.


What to do? How not to cancel the rest, but at the same time keep the fresh look of our face?

The answer to this question is offered by the popular Belgian cosmetics company NANNIC, which has created a universal set of cosmetics NANNIC TRAVEL KIT for leisure and travel. NANNIC guarantees the high quality of cosmetics and the versatility of the kit. This cosmetics will protect your skin from stress during the flight, the influence of negative factors of southern relaxation and at the same time make your face surprisingly beautiful and expressive.

NANNIC TRAVEL KIT consists of:

  1. Instant Flight Protection
  2. Hand repair complex
  3. 3D Miracle lips
  4. Crackling gel
  5. Pure Active Cleansing

Spray NANNIC UV-SHIELD is able to reduce crow’s feet, reduce deep wrinkles, restore youthful skin and elasticity under the condition of regular use.


Regular use of this drug increases the resistance of the skin to the effects of adverse radiation of various types; improves skin elasticity; reduces wrinkles; rejuvenates the skin; carries out the prevention of skin cancer.

The spray is very pleasant to use, it is light and weightless, leaves no residue on clothes and does not tighten the skin. It can also be applied to makeup.

All the components of the unique NANNIC TRAVEL KIT set will become indispensable companions for leisure and travel.

NANNIC guarantees the high quality and absolute uniqueness of its cosmetics. Innovative formulas of cosmetics take into account the constant changes that occur with the skin, including age and the negative impact of the environment. All developments of NANNIC researchers are based on the latest scientific achievements in the field of cosmetology. This allows NANNIC to continually delight its customers with new products.



All the ingredients of NANNIC cosmetics are absolutely natural, which is why cosmetics are very effective. And the complex formula of the components does not allow analogues to appear on the cosmetology market. NANNIC cosmetics are suitable for all ages and any skin.

For more information on the NANNIC product line, visit the official website.

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