The celebrities explained why they spread their naked photos

Naked Cia, Celine Dion, Halle Berry – it turns out, they undress on the camera for a reason, but for a specific purpose. And this goal is not only HYIP, what else – read below.

2018, the scope of what is allowed is expanding and expanding, so we do not even get surprised at the latest candid photos of the celebrities. But why are they doing this? Why should the whole world see their intimate photos? It turns out that all this often has an explanation, weighty or not – is another matter.

Halle Berry

“I was not so easily aware of the acceptance of my sexuality, and it took a long time,” the actress said in an interview with Vogue. “And now it would be my will, I would lay out naked photos every day, if I was not condemned for that.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus can not live without exposure, for her this is one of the ways of self-expression. In addition, the singer did not want to become a victim of hackers, who now and then steal personal photos of celebrities.

“Do you want to hack into my email to find intimate photos? Yes, hell, I’ll give them to you just like that! “- she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.


For the same reason as Miley Cyrus, her piquant shots were laid out by singer Sia. In 2017, the paparazzi filmed the singer on vacation, by the way, she was completely naked. Photographs scattered around the world and, of course, were sold as an exclusive. Sia decided to change the situation.

“Someone is trying to sell my nude photos. Save your money, here, look for free, “- she wrote under the same photo, which she put in her social network.

By the way, the singer still does not like publicity, so she does not show off her private life and everyday photos (with rare exceptions).

Kim Kardashian

But Kim Kadashian exhibits his photographs to resist not specifically to anyone (hackers or paparazzi), but to the whole world. Kim’s message is much broader:

“I do not do something to please people. My strength is to be what I am. And this is the message from my nude photos. I do not assert myself in this way, but I just do what I want, “she said in an interview with Harper’sBazaar after a stormy condemnation for a too frank post.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion, though she appeared nude for the famous gloss, but did it beautifully and fairly modestly, although this act was a confrontation. Her bold photo the singer wanted to prove one thing – age does not say anything about a person and his beauty. Desirable, sexy and generally stunning can be at least 20, at least 75 years.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is undressed just like that. The singer is sure that a woman can show her beauty, no matter what age she is. Grande admitted that she would be ready to undress in 95, and will wait for the same admiration as in 25 years, simply because the female body is admirable.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is naked on camera not just for his pleasure, but for a serious mission.

“When you are constantly told that you are fat, ugly, not attractive enough, you willy-nilly try to fit into the standards,” Ashley said in an interview with Elle.

“I completely despaired by 18 years. I hated myself and told my mom that I was coming home. But she said that I should not do this: “You have a goal, go to her. Your body and love for yourself can change someone’s life, “the model admitted.

It should be noted that Ashley achieved its goal and became one of the most popular and popular plus-size models in the world. On her account participated in the shows of world brands, shooting in leading glossies, as well as covers of respected magazines.

Emily Ratajkowski

It seems that Emily became the most popular ever-revealing model. Ratakovski repeatedly told how in school she was constantly teased about the expressive forms of the buttocks and breasts, and even the teachers always emphasized this. As a result, Emily began to feel embarrassed about her body and dreamed of an unremarkable figure.

Now everything has changed, Ashley is undressing at any opportunity, and the fans are already joking that Ratakovski can not recognize in clothes.


Ciara during her second pregnancy agreed to the photo session topless. The singer has always been attractive and popular with men, but her example has decided to support those who can be exposed or attacked because of the color of the skin. Ciara thus said “no” to racism.

“Freedom of action and the opportunity to express oneself are important aspects of life for women. It is always joyful to see women who are confident regardless of their skin color. “

Summing up all the explanations of the stars, we can say with confidence that bare photos are a kind of protection, propaganda (in a good sense of the word) and a manifesto in the modern world.

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