Delicate manicure 2021: 6 fashion trends

Singer Megan T Stallion (@theestallion) Color block
Singer Megan T Stallion (@theestallion) Color block

Manicure design in 2021 involves delicate shades and eye-pleasing designs.

Black and white manicure

Delicate nail design in 2021, judging by the latest photos of stars and bloggers, suggests black and white combinations. In fact, there can be a lot of ideas: from drawings and inscriptions to a banal chess combination: one finger is dark, the other is light.

Tiktokersha and singer Dixie D’Amelio (yes, we also learned about her existence only from the picture of her fresh manicure) chooses long nails in the shape of a trapezoid (this shape is also at the peak of popularity) and adds zippers to them. Although you might think that this is a bow tie on a black tuxedo.

In general, look and twist from all sides and put check and checkmate on everyone who has not yet figured out fashion trends. And for those for whom lightning and butterflies are not enough, we suggest studying bow design in more detail in the gallery.

Crystal manicure design

A similar novelty of 2021 delicate manicure can be called a mix of manicure with rhinestones and marble manicure (dark stripes on a white background, imitating a “stone” surface). Only now the nail not only contains elements of the rock, but as if it becomes it. However, here again how to look: you can compare the fingers of the soloist of the South Korean group Black Pink (and if you yourself do not listen to her, then ask your daughter or granddaughter, they will probably copy the style of funny girls with might and main) with pieces of ice or pocket mirror lakes.

The convenience of such a nail art is another story. Of course, we think that walking with such a “weight” is extremely uncomfortable – for sure, “ice” will scratch the skin and tear tights. But if this is an image for an important event, then we are in favor. Let everyone remember you and ask you several times during the evening what you have in your hands.

Color block manicure design

Color block is a fashionable term that comes from the world of fashion and denotes a combination of bright colors that add up to geometric shapes. When they talk about this trend, they mainly represent bright squares on a sweater or a combination of neon shades in accessories and clothes.

An interesting variation on the theme is presented by the Grammy winner in 2021: the singer Megan T Stallion plays on a combination of several similar shades, which again reminds of the iridescent shards of a mirror or a piece of ice (but no matter how “winter” these themes are, wearing them, naturally , allowed in the heat). By the way, pay attention to the shape of the nails: the beveled edges are called the “lipstick” shape. More examples of this style in the gallery.

Milk manicure design

We know that many do not perceive the design of nails presented above as delicate. “What awful rhinestones and children’s drawings from the 90s, where is a normal adult manicure?” – will probably write in the comments. So here it is, catch it: a milky shade that combines pink and white has been considered a trend since last year and is in demand among girls who are tired of multi-story piles on their arms.

Charming Ariana Grande with a bottle of her favorite perfume is exactly the star who knows how to maintain a romantic atmosphere and correspond to fashion trends. Natalie Minerva, a nail artist from Los Angeles1, comments on the choice of her celebrity client: “We always choose a nail art to match the clothes. Most often I do extensions for her, and she loves to choose white nails. “

Nude manicure design

New for 2021 is a black and white manicure, a design with crystals, but a nude manicure remains a delicate classic, timeless and changeable. We still respect naturalness in makeup and hair, as well as in manicure. And believe the actress Vanessa Hudgens, who loves rings and crazy designs on nails as much as we do, sometimes you just need to stop and make such a simple and elegant option that will allow all the diamonds on your fingers to shine even brighter. This is the brightness in pastel beige.

Multicolored jacket manicure design

When one of the Kardashian sisters, Jenner, covers her face, it is not possible to distinguish them; Fortunately, Kylie (the creator of her own cosmetics brand and full lips from an early age) can be identified by her creative manicure. One of her latest ideas is nails with checkered multi-colored tips. Pay attention: the general surface of the nail is matte, close to the natural pink shade of the native nail. Let us call the geometry at the tips unusual: here you have both oblique lines and triangles. And again, in the gallery, there are tips for those wishing to bring to life even more options for stylish French manicure:

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