Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style

Celebrities, who made disheveled hair with their as identity. No, we understand that a bad day can happen to each of us. But the fact that these stars constantly appear with disheveled hair in both ordinary life and on the red carpet, suggests that negligence in the image is an element of their style.

Kristen Jaymes Stewart

Kristen Jaymes Stewart Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style

Kristen Stewart – in general, a non-standard actress: she loves girls, hates fame, and prefers to leave her hair in disarray. It became even easier for stylists to work with a star when she made her hair a little shorter: a lot of gel was applied to her head, which helped ruffle the locks in different directions (and at the same time give it the appearance that water was turned off in the house). And if careless hair can still be attributed to a certain image, then about the roots of the celebrity remains the question – she specifically forgets to paint them or is not really soared about her appearance?

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 1

Joaquin childhood was spent traveling – his parents, who were members of a religious sect, were engaged in charity and went to Latin America. So the kid grew up in a rather free and serene atmosphere, and from here love to long (in relation to men), matted hair and beard. Beard Phoenix, by the way, “purchased” for the pseudo-documentary film “I’m Still Here”, in which he played … himself – an artist who gave up acting for hip-hop. In ordinary life, Phoenix is ​​still loyal to acting and receives for his talent nominations for “Golden Globe” and “Oscar” (but fans, of course, are waiting for when he finally earns not only a nomination, but also a real prize).

Bérénice Marlohe

Bérénice Marlohe Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 2

The former Bond girl (see the part “Coordinates” Skyfoll “) also likes negligence in the image. Styling, like Berenice, is called “laying the second day” – the feeling that the star has already slept, and cleaned the house, and ran away in the park, that’s why the hair was disheveled (or, perhaps, it really was). We explain this not by the rebellious nature of Berenice Marlo and not by hippies, but by the desire to play on sexuality. Like, guess yourself, what did she do and with whom, that so spoiled her hair and did not find time to fix it.

Britney Jean Spears

Britney Spears Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 3

Well, okay, let’s not be too strict with Britney Spears: she looks more or less neat at the events, but as for her personal life, then the singer gives her hairdressers a break and walks around. And sometimes it’s not just a matter of uncombed and stale hair, but also in overhead strands that are visible to everyone around. In general, nothing terrible: we, too, do not look perfect on weekends, but negligence Brit often becomes the main target of hayters. But they could be more merciful.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 4

Today’s Mary-Kate Olsen is different from the merry girl who was shot in children’s films: she became more serious, she did a couple of plastic surgeries, and the acting changed to a designer’s career. But at least one thing remains unchanged – her love for negligence, and it does not matter whether the star dissolves the curls, or makes a bunch.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 5

Drew Barrymore – for naturalness, so that her Instagram is constantly replenished with photos without make-up (really without make-up, and not like those deceiving stars) and with hair not the first freshness. However, for the release of the actress often chooses what looks more like a hive. It’s even frightening to think who lives there.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 6

Despite his successful career in film, Johnny Depp has always admitted that his true vocation is rock music. In the 90’s, when the roles were not very many, he managed to play in the “Children” group, but after a few years this occupation had to be dropped. And in 2015, Johnny, along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, hammered a gang of Hollywood Vampires. This we are all for what? To the fact that dirty hair and generally chewed look are business cards of any rocker.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Celebrities, who made disheveled hair as Signature Style 7

Sometimes the hairstyle on the head of Robert Pattinson looks sexy, and sometimes – and it’s hard to believe that the hairstyle was sculpted by some famous stylist. However, Rob – the last person who is interested in public opinion (he would have to cope with his own insecurity in the beginning).

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