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The most beautiful women are those who, in addition to beauty, have a soul, modesty and intelligence.

In the eyes of a man, any woman is either at the top or at the bottom.

Men by nature are hunters, warriors, therefore a true man is always attracted by a woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, a woman whose conquest will allow him to feel self-worth every time.

A person who is confident in his own worth will want to have a woman of the highest type, the most beautiful, strongest and most inaccessible, because only the possession of such a treasure will give him a feeling of deep satisfaction.

Possession of easy prey, an uncomplicated prostitute who wanders from hand to hand, will not give anything.

A woman who is beautiful, but does not trade in her beauty, is at first unapproachable and with difficulty won, becomes loved by her heart, and deserves worship in the eyes of a man.

A woman who is beautiful, but goes into the hands of herself, “selling” her beauty is worthy of nothing but temporary fun.

Women’s beauty is depreciated, existing in the sight of everyone.

The screaming beauty put on display disappears in moral expression, acquiring a price for which it can be purchased.

And modest, refined, regal beauty requires real feats, for which, in the end, will receive the heart of a real man and his respect.

You see what the matter is, there are a lot of girls flaunting themselves in the cheapest way, like fire on moths, acting with their defiant appearance, spreading everything they possess to the surface at a time, but there is no depth, there is nothing to look for, everything they have and without that it is visible and this is most often their absolute, their maximum, their limit.

The most beautiful women are those who, in addition to beauty, have a soul, modesty and intelligence.

And something else.

Self-esteem, female pride or something.

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