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Father after 60? It’s okay! In recent years, Martin has disappeared from the screens – we tell you what the birthday boy is doing today. August 14 marks the 75th birthday of actor-comedian Steve Martin, the star of the films “Inveterate Scammers”, “Father of the Bride” and “The Pink Panther”.

Plays the banjo, collects art

One of the main hobbies in the life of a 75-year-old comedian is playing the banjo. Steve Martin mastered this instrument as a teenager, and in maturity began writing songs in the style of “country” and “bluegrass” and created his own group “Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers”. Today, this group has about 10 recorded albums.

Collecting contemporary art became another hobby of the Hollywood retiree. The media wrote that Martin’s collection was very impressive. He has works by contemporary artists Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney and Edward Hopper hanging in his house, but the main pride of the collection is several paintings by Pablo Picasso.

In 2004, Steve Martin became a defendant in a scandalous story. He bought a painting by the German artist Heinrich Campendonck for 850 thousand dollars, and when he later tried to sell the painting, it turned out that it was fake. Later, the actor made excuses that he “did not want to deceive anyone,” and he himself became a victim of scammers.

First became a father at 67

In December 2012, the comedian became a father for the first time. Martin and his wife, journalist Anna Stringfield, had a daughter. At that time, the actor was already 67 years old. In the past, Martin was married to actress Victoria Tennant for many years: they lived together from 1986 to 1994, but no children were born in this marriage.

In his own words, a respectable age not only does not interfere, but, on the contrary, helps fatherhood, because only in adulthood can one fully realize how important it is to have a child.

“You have already achieved everything in life, you are protected from all sides, you do not need to build a career anymore – so you have plenty of free time to take care of raising your daughter,” Martin said.

Almost stopped filming

After the birth of his daughter, the actor really took a long break from filming. He gave up roles for three years. Only in 2015, Martin returned to the screens, but not as an actor, but as a narrator in the comedy Love the Coopers, after which he again went into the shadows for a long time. Recently, as the artist himself says, he “most of all loved to just wander around the house and play with his child.”

Returned to stand-up

One of Martin’s latest projects is a stand-up night with another comedian, Martin Short. In the past, they have often performed together on Saturday Night Live. It is interesting that, before starting his acting career, Steve Martin started out as a stand-up artist.

In his own words, one day he just discovered that he was funny and decided that he could make money on it. It was the early 70s: for the sake of a career as a comedian, Martin left his studies at the University of California, where he studied philosophy. Instead, he began performing comedy performances in local clubs, and it was here that he made a name for himself, which later helped him in the cinema.

For some time, the actor studied philosophy, but he did not achieve success in this field, to the delight of the fans. One fine day he realized that it was comedy that was the work of his whole life. He took his first steps in this direction, performing in various clubs as a comic actor of the spoken genre. In this direction, Martin has achieved significant success, his two comedy albums “A Wild and Crazy Guy” and “Let’s Get Small” received a Grammy Award.

Tweet. Thinks it’s hard to make a person laugh

The main activity on social networks for Steve Martin takes place on Twitter, where about 9 million people follow him. In his notes, Martin posts old photographs and cartoons, jokes and shares, among other things, the secrets of making sandwiches.

Despite his fame as a comedian, the actor believes that making another person laugh is not easy.

“With time and experience comes the mastery of a certain technique that helps to cope. However, sometimes you can make everyone laugh to death by accident, and in another case you will go out of your way and no one will even smile. The secret of laughter is unknown – otherwise someone would have made a fortune on it a long time ago. Once I was told: “Rich people collect art because they are looking for something that even they don’t have enough money for.” It’s the same with comedy: it’s impossible to achieve perfection in principle, ”he says.

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