What is a combined hair type and how to live with it

Increasingly, hairdressers talk about a combined type of hair that requires special care. Fat roots, which need to be washed almost every day, and dry tips, split and confused – it seems that this type has combined all the worst. Fortunately, we know what to do with this.

Why this happens with the hair
Has noticed, that recently the beauty industry is engaged in more point problems and tries to consider problems of each client? That’s the same thing happens with specialists involved in hair. Previously, they defined three types of hair: normal, dry and fat – and discarded any responsibility. But now the choice of products for curls is not so unambiguous. What if the roots instantly become dirty, and the tips split and literally ask for water?

What is a combined hair type and how to live with it

It turns out that this “phenomenon” has quite definite reasons, and they did not appear yesterday or today, but earlier no one had thought about it. So, the active work of the sebaceous glands (because of this, the roots quickly become greasy) affect:

  • heredity;
  • chronic fatigue and stress;
  • problems with hormones;
  • improper hair care.

Dry hair along the length (especially those who can boast of length) is also not a random story. The reasons are:

  • you “burned” your hair under the sun or using gadgets;
  • disturbed diet;
  • permanent hair coloring;
  • again stress.

The most offensive is that these two problems are looped: the more the tips are cut off, the more active the sebaceous glands, because in this way the body tries to saturate the hair along the entire length with moisture.

How to build relationships with your hair

Yes, we know that stress is blamed for all the current troubles – what can you do. In the case of skin and hair, the hormone cortisol is to blame – under stress, it begins to go crazy and sets the sebaceous glands task to work even more actively. And here we can not help you, except by advice to a psychologist. But everything else (with regard to care) can be taken under control.

What is a combined hair type and how to live with it

First of all, analyze how long ago you had these problems. If the answer is a lifetime, then correct nutrition and care will help to alleviate the situation. If everything showed up comparatively recently, then, perhaps, the problem is the failure of the body (consult a trichologist to find out the truth) or in a new shampoo and conditioner that does not seem to fit you at all.

Begin to observe the basic rules (if you have not yet): protect your hair from the sun with a hat and special tools with a protective factor; after staining, apply a line of products without sulfates; Before using a hair dryer, curling iron or tongs, apply thermal spray sprays or mousses on curls. Of course, cutting the tips every three months is also an absolute mast.

Well, a couple of words about nutrition and lifestyle – less fatty foods, alcohol and nicotine and more water. Yes, this affects the hair.

What is multimasking?
As for the special means created for combined hair, they have not yet been invented. But you can apply the knowledge of a new trend in care – multimasking. Originally it was invented for the skin and it was assumed that different masks would be used for different zones (T-zone and cheeks, for example, require a different approach). Now experts suggest using this technique for curls. Immediately say – you have to be confused, but you yourself asked what to do with all this!

So, a deep cleansing mask is suitable for the roots (one of the reasons for the activation of the sebaceous glands is clogged pores and “garbage”, consisting of undrawn styling products). The middle of the hair needs a mask for shine. And the tips will need a restoring mask (for example, marked “for damaged hair”).

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