Spectacles 3D Gucci
Spectacles 3D Gucci

Spectacles 3D, Gucci

At Art Basel Miami, an unusual short film was presented. A special feature of it was the design solution from Gucci for 3D glasses and the directorial work of Harmony Korin.

This experimental work of Spectacles 3 displays the film in a completely new way. The additions to the visual experience of such innovations open up a different perspective on this kind of views.

Spectacles 3 is part of a collaboration between Gucci and cinematographer Harmony Corinne. The director speaks of his work without false modesty, considering it capable of conveying a new previously unseen format, experimental reality, complex animation through a different kind.


With the help of such 3D glasses, the viewer gets into the action of the director’s idea, where he sees and feels in a completely different way, that is, the multisensory perception of Duck Duck.

The partners and manufacturers of these miracle glasses have presented a limited number of Gucci and Snapchat. Such accessories for watching movies have several types, classified by color. The main difference is the metal body and several tones of multi-colored lenses.

Surely such an introduction will receive a positive response from the audience and those who have tried such a performance on themselves, which means that the number of experimental glasses being developed may change.

Once again, we note that this is a completely new look at cinema and multisensory perception, an innovative addition to the future, allowing once again a break from everyday life. The Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 video and the joint project were filmed in 3D, let’s see what else we will be offered in the future. In the meantime, the creators of the short film propose this format and hope for success. We wish good luck to inventors and innovators.




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