Aroma-peeling “China”

Spring hard for not only our skin but also nails – exacerbated problems such as brittleness, splitting, thinning, dull nails. Therefore, it is in the spring our nails need special care and attention. The long period of cold weather, the accumulated fatigue and beriberi a negative impact on nails. To improve the condition of nails, return them to healthy look and help enhance the growth-care recovery AROMA SPA PEELING China by La Ric interior BonBon Wax bar.

SPA procedures provide care for your hands and nails and a lot of positive emotions. First, using a scrub your hands get rid of dead cells and clean the pores of dirt, thereby preparing a hand to the production of nutrients and trace elements. After that is done massage of hands and nails with a nourishing cream or oil composition (increases blood circulation).


This unique care based on aromatic herbs. “China” has deodorant, anti-fungal, healing effect. Peeling completely cleanses the skin. Sea salt layer frees the skin from dead cells. Essential oils and vitamin E soften the skin and make it supple and also moisturize the skin and protect it from external influence during the whole day. Mint and eucalyptus refresh, relieve headaches, facilitate negative manifestations of colds.

Wizards help strengthen nails and solve existing problems. Home care for the nails and skin of hands each day, not sporadically, only the skin of hands and nails will delight you with its youth for many years.

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