1926 Montblanc Heritage: an immortal classic

Montblanc presents a new collection of vegetable tanned leather products for the most sophisticated travelers

For a modern inhabitant of a metropolis, traveling is more than a mechanical movement from one point of space to another. Traveling, he discovers new amazing places, receives vivid impressions and invaluable life experience – whether it is a trip to distant or short distances. The color range of the new collection, based on natural and natural shades of earth and sand, evokes associations with safaris and travels to distant exotic countries.

For the first time Montblanc creates a whole collection of products from the skin of vegetable tanned, which was processed in accordance with the old Tuscan handicraft traditions. In the process of tanning tannins of natural origin, obtained from bark and other parts of trees, are used. This technology allows you to preserve the original appearance of the skin, its smell, texture and pattern. Over time, the skin color changes slightly, giving the product a vintage appearance and forming its unique character. The lining of a bright red color with a print makes up a contrast with the color of the outer leather material of the products. Inspiration for its creation was the colorful garments of the indigenous African tribes of Masai.

The new collection 1926 Montblanc Heritage will appear in Montblanc boutiques around the world in September 2017.

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